Bitcoin Gold Explorer is the perfect web tool that you’ll need to assess various transactions, view blocks and addresses on the Bitcoin Gold block chain. The Bitcoin Gold itself was fromed from an hard fork of the Bitcoin in October 2017. This was the cause of a slight reduction in the price of Bitcoin not quite long ago and the Bitcoin Gold has been the subject of varying views and different opinions. The new cryptocurrency has courted both positive and negative attention and the negative views had been mostly by critics who see Bitcoin Gold as against the limited availability concept of the Bitcoin, which to some people, is an important factor that will determine the value of any cryptocurrency.


Similar to Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin Gold shares the same block chain history with Bitcoin and is the idea behind the cryptocurrency is to decentralize mining. The hard fork occurred in October and even though this did not mean the cryptocurrency had been launched, various websites soon started trading the currency and these were in the form of Future/IOU tokens of the Bitcoin Gold. The Acceptability was growing by the day and more and more people were anxiously waiting for the launch that later took place in November.


The Bitcoin Gold is poised to become a better gold than Bitcoin has been. How does it plan to do this? By hashing blocks with new proof of work algorithm, thereby allowing users to be able to mine with their CPUs in the same way they’ve been doing with their GPUs.  The algorithm is ASIC resistant and so is not based on the SHA-256 and is also being used by the ZCash.

Bitcoin Gold

The Bitcoin Gold Explorer

The Bitcoin Gold Explorer is the perfect web tool needed to view blocks, check addresses as well as other transactions information on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain. The BTG Explorer has an API which enables it to pull data from the network even without a local wallet. Users are also able to view top addresses on block chain and easily see which ones rank as the richest. The BTG Explorer has several features which we’ll outline a few in the following parts of this article.

The Search Bar

The search bar makes it easy for the users to search through blocks. Using the height, count hash, block hash or address, users can search the block chain and check results displayed from their search. It is also possible to check information on transactions executed on the Bitcoin Gold block chain. The purchase to be identified can be simply searched for by typing in the block height or the address into the search bar.


Chart Information

If you like reading charts for a better understanding of data relationships, then your needs will also be met by the Bitcoin Gold Explorer. The chart shows block difficulty against block-find time and height, block revenue, block count, block size and the BTG price in real time.

Users also are able to view blocks to determine the time of transactions as well as block hash, amount, and number of recipientsas well as timestamp.

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