Amazon Fire TV: Do we need another?

The amazon fire TV is the latest kit of amazon as it tries to build up their own ecosystem. It is another entry in this crowdie media-market & we have enough TV set-tops for cable, satellites & other things. They invested heavily for the gaming development & they have good gamepad accessories. The nest generation gamers want double duty like entertainment hubs. The fire TV is trying to cut out the competitors with its $98-$99 price & having a strong focus on performance, display & search. We have spent many days with one, now it’s time to judge whether it can be placed at our house as a new or to be ignored.

Benefits: Fast performance is the first priority of this kit to the Amazon. They highly build this with high performance without any display problems or bugs. Very impressive list of apps that you want & voice search is accurate & fast.

So, it can be guessed that something different in a cheap rate, amazon has done well.


Hardware: It is a simple matte black box with a small amazon logo etched in the top & the white power button in the front. The company didn’t bother with rounded courners. There is a selection of ports on back like HDMI, Ethernet, and optical audio jacks & also a USB sockets. It is 0.7 inches tall so you can nearly visible from 10 feet away. It has an awesome 1.7 GHz quad-core snapdragon processor with adreno 320 GPU is more powerful than any other streaming devices & it shows. Searching & browsing is noticeably faster than Apple or Roku. They have a very soft but strong remote. So that it successfully clicked when pressed. It also sends a subtle message to the users when priority of the controls. They have their most important keys, ‘search keys’ on the remote. The voice search is really easy & absolutely fast than ever.

Amazon fire tv

Software: Amazon has built it with tweaked version of Fire OS, which is a tweaked version of Android. The home screen is amazing for TV shows, movies, games, pictures, browsing, big listed apps, easy to read icons. There is a heavy dose of side-scrolling carousels. The left corner is for games, searches while the right corner is booked for sub-lists like recently use, features & so on. So, you can do easily everything.

Gaming: Fire’s TV’s major think is, it’s game. Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast don’t offer much game functionally. But, in the meanwhile, Fire TV has their own gaming pad whch is bought separately ($40). They have their own power to grab us in front of their screen to play the game. As amazon has their own game-development department, they have simply developed their gaming pad for the game-lovers.

Amazon fire tv(AleshaTech.com)

Gaming Pad: If someone has used Xbox 360 gaming pad, then it’s good news for them that Fire TV’s gaming pad is pretty much similar with the exception of trio of android controls & as well as Game circular buttons. It has offset analog sticks, two shoulder pad, a d-pad, two triggers, & four face buttons. The Fire TV’s gaming pad almost feels like Xbox 360 gaming pad. The battery life is impressively good with the courtesy of two AAs. So, it should be said that obviously amazon is doing pretty impressive well.

The Fire TV should be attracted by the people. It’s really faster & built with better equipment in this media streamer. It’s sold out in a reasonable price. The voice search, gaming, browsing are really helping it to keep pace with the competitors.


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