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Learn How to Find Spyware on Android and How to Secure an Android Device from Spy Apps

It today’s world there are many devices that you can install in your android phone or iPhone. The apps are of great value and play a great role in entertainment and even to accomplish some tasks with ease. There are many good apps that can help you enjoy your Android phone. The apps range from social media apps such as WhatsApp to browsers such as Opera Mini. There are other apps such as spy apps that are used to spy on android phones. It is not easy to find spyware on android device. Below is a detailed discussion of tips that can help you know if your phone has a spy app or not.


How can you know your phone has spyware?


Before we focus on how you can detect if your android phone has spyware or not, it is advisable to know how spy apps work. These are special apps that spy on almost everything done on an Android device. They record messages, chats, voice messages, website visited, everything done on an android phone and even GPS location of a device. The details are sent to a remote server or email. The following are some tips that can help you know if your phone has spyware or not.


  • A fast draining battery

It is obvious that you know how your phone consumes power. When you note some abnormality when it comes to the battery, you need to get worried. Fast draining of the battery can be as a result of background app running which can be the spy app.


  • Abnormal data usage

When it comes to data usage, you need to account for every data you purchase. If you cannot account for some data, there are high chances that there are some apps or even a spy software sending and receiving information using your data from your phone.


  • Phone being slow

Phones perform normally, but when many apps are running in the background or installed on the phone, they tend to be sluggish. They perform slowly than normal, and that can be as a result of spy software.


  • Other signs

When your phone has a spy app running in the background many things change on the phone. You will be able to see weird messages or spam texts that you can’t even understand. This happens when the spy app tries to send information and is experiencing some challenges hence sending information in bits. Also, you will be experiencing so many funny ads and pop up messages on your browser. On top of that, you can be seeing so many weird apps on your phone that you haven’t installed.


How to secure your android device?


The above signs can help you find spyware on android phone. What can you do if you find spyware on android device? One of the things you need to do is to back up your data and factory reset the phone. You can also keep your phone safe by not installing an app from unknown sources, avoid jailbreaking, avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks and don’t give your phone to persons that you don’t trust. On top of that, you need to use trusted antivirus software and be very careful with third-party apps.

How to detect hidden spyware on Android or iPhone


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