Yellowing of teeth has been a challenge to many people for a long time.The yellow color comes as a result of many factors such as taking food and drinks that stain the teeth. On top of that teeth can have other colors as a result of decay. People with discolored teeth are not confident when talking. They feel shy to smile which is not a good thing. For that reason, Tendler Dental Clinic has come with teeth whitening HawthornEast to help persons who want to regain the natural color of the teeth. Below is a detailed discussion of teeth discoloration and how Tendler can help you deal with the dental problem.

A brief about teeth discoloration

Teeth are supposed to be white. Some people have varying colors as a result of stains. There are two types of teeth discoloration; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic discoloration takes place when a person has dental problems like cavities or dental disease that need dental treatments. Also, when some pregnant mothers take tetracycline antibiotics, their newborns will have a high chance of developing yellow stained teeth. Intrinsic discoloration cannot be treated by bleach or external whiteners. They can only be treated by options like crowns and veneers.

External discoloration of teeth is caused by external factors such as taking foods and drinks that can stain the teeth. On top of that smoking causes the teeth to get stains that can be easily removed using special whiteners. Drinks such as coffee, tea, wine and many others play significant roles in teeth discoloration. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your teeth after taking drinks and food that stain the teeth.

Teeth whitening procedure

When you visit us for teeth whitening services, we will examine your teeth and come up with the best treatment option. After examining, we will make sure that the gums, as well as tissues surrounding the teeth, are well protected. The first option is using a teeth whitening tray that has whitening agents. The teeth are placed in the tray, and stains get broken down resulting in stain removal. There is another option that involves applying the teeth whitening agent to the teeth and using a laser or light. The procedure is fast and gives excellent results. We are also using advanced teeth whitening technology such as Zoom in-chair whitening. For intrinsic discoloration, we offer cosmetic treatment options such as porcelain veneers and crown that give your discolored teeth a new look.

Why Tendler Dental for teeth whitening Hawthorn East?

Tendler Dental is the number one clinic when it comes to all dental treatment and services. We have an experienced team that is ready to assist you to get white teeth so that you can smile with confidence. On top of that, we use safe whitening agents that leave your gum and soft tissues around the teeth unhurt. We have a wide range of treatment options when it comes to teeth whitening. Therefore, visit us today for teeth whitening, and we will not disappoint you.

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