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5 Ways to Keep and Improve Your Back Health

Millions of people are suffering from back pain, and it has prevented them from living a quality life. In most cases, back pain is a s a result of poor back health and can cause you to miss work, prevent you to accomplish your daily tasks and social activities. As such, you should put more effort to maintain and even improve your back or spine health. Read on to learn ways that can help you achieve exactly that.

Lift correctly

When lifting objects, you should avoid putting too much pressure on your spine. Instead, you should lift objects using your leg muscles. When lifting items, get close to the item, bend your knees and hips, get hold of the item and use the muscles to lift the items. The main aim is to maintain a normal curve of your back. In addition, don’t twist your back when lifting, especially heavy items. All these will help to lower the pressure exerted on your lower back when lifting objects. It is also advisable to not to lift heavy items you can’t handle on your own.

Exercise and massage your back regularly

Exercising regularly helps to strengthen your muscles and joints. You should exercise your core to strengthen abdomen and back muscles. When these muscles are strong they will be able to support your spine. You should also stretch before you start your day. Proper exercises improve the mobility of your back and other body parts making you physically fit. Beside the exercises, you should have a back massage regularly. Massaging your back comes with a dozen therapeutic benefits such as increased blood flow to your back, boosts relaxation and loosens tight connective tissues and muscles at the back.

Sleep correctly and enough

You need to get enough sleep to ensure the spine rests and recovers from day’s activities. In addition, you should sleep correctly to ensure you don’t put pressure on your back while you sleep. You should sleep on your side as this helps to keep your back naturally aligned. When you sleep on your stomach, you will put too much pressure on your spine, and that can worsen your back health with time. Another important thing your need to consider is your mattress. Use a medium-firm mattress and a pillow to ensure your back is aligned naturally as you sleep.

Observe your diet and stay hydrated

Proper exercises and balanced diet can help you achieve a healthy body weight. Being overweight or obese can cause back pains as it puts too much pressure on your spine. Therefore, you should focus of taking healthy diet at all times to ensure you have a healthy weight to reduce chances of experiencing back pain. Also, stay hydrated all the time for a healthy spine. Staying hydrated ensures your discs are hydrated and the tissues at the back are elastic enough for proper mobility of your back.

Watch your posture while stilting

When sitting, ensure that your lower back is well aligned and your back is supported. Use chairs with proper back supports. Also, you should avoid leaning forward while working on a computer or sitting at desk. When you lean forward, you will strain your lumbar discs on lower back. And that can harm your back. What’s more, avoid sitting for long hours.

Final Words

Back pain can prevent you to live a quality life. You can avoid it by working on your back health. The above tips will help you maintain and improve your back or spine health. Use the tips, and you will live a quality life free of back pains.


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