On your wedding, you and your bridesmaids need to wear beautiful getting-ready attires as you get ready for the big day. The best choice of attire for beautiful ladies like you is bridal robes. There are different styles, sizes, and colors of robes. Also, there are many brands on the market. As such, it might be a bit challenging to buy the right robe for you and your bridesmaids. Read on to learn what you should look for when choosing bridal robes.

Look at the Style or Design

Bride and bridesmaid robes come in different styles such as spa, kimono, and wraps. These designs are different, and you need to pick a style that suits your personality. If you want something comfortable to wear either during the pre-wedding party or photoshoot, spa style is ideal for you. The spa design is soft and more comfortable. Wrap robes are more improved and are made of lighter and thinner materials. Kimono robes are also stylish and usually have sleeves that fall a few inches below the elbow, and the length slightly above the knee. You just need to take your time and choose a style that suits your theme.

Pick a Color(s) You Can Wear in Future

It’s advisable to buy bridal robes that you and the other girls can wear in future not just on the big day. Some colors may be good on the wedding day, but you may not wear them in the future. It’s therefore advisable to pick colors that girls can wear for years after the wedding. Shades of pink are great colors you can consider. Remember to pick a unique color that distinguishes you for the bridesmaids.

Check the Length

Gone are the days when bride and her team used to wear too long robes that swept the ground. But that doesn’t mean you go for too short robes that can barely cover your backside. Things have changed, and you need to get your measurement right to ensure you buy a robe that is slightly above the knee. Also, it’s advisable to go for bridal robes that shorten up when secured with a belt.  In most cases, a standard small size robe measures 32-33 inches. As such, a robe shorter than that can be a bit problematic.

Consider the Details

Indeed, robes are simple, but a few additional features or details can make a difference. A robe with pockets is a great option. You can use the pockets to keep small items like your phone, coins, and even handkerchief. Another feature you need to look out for is the belt loops which ensures the sash is kept in place. Some simple embroidery (though optional) can make a difference. You may request the designer to add a monogram to personalize the robes. 

Buy Online or at the Physical Boutique?

You want your wedding day, from preparation to the actual ceremony, to look and feel special. For that reason, you need to buy high quality bridal robes at best prices. Buying online is the best option as you can find a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes for you and the girls. You just need to get your measurement right and you will get robes that will brighten your day. Also, when you buy robes online, you’ll enjoy better prices compared to buying them at the physical boutique.

Final Words

Choosing the right bridal robes can be a confusing process, but when you know exactly what you want, it will be easier. Consider the above tips, and you will buy high quality robes you can wear not just on the wedding day but also for years to come.

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