Vitamin C and Niacinamide – 5 Reasons Why It Must Be Part of Your Beauty Regime?

Many people buy beauty products not considering the ingredients but benefits that come with the products. It is good to know the ingredients that are in a formulation for you to be able to understand how the formulations can improve your skin functionality and health. Niacinamide and vitamin c are some of the main ingredients used in making skin care products. The two ingredients are not a joke when it comes to hydration, dealing with wrinkles as well as smoothening the skin. Below is a brief discussion of five reasons that makes niacinamide vs vitamin c products the best products for your skins.

  • Boosting immunity and improving epidermal barrier performance of your skin

The two products are highly essential in boosting the immunity of the skin. When your skin is exposed to harsh environments conditions, the cells that protect the skins tend to shy of leaving the skin without natural immunity. For that reason, you need to use niacinamide and vitamin c products as they play a great role in promoting the immunity against microbes that may want to invade the skin. On top of that, the skin has a lipid layer that helps the skin to retain moisture. Niacinamide is known for the production of ceramides that are essential components of the epidermal lipid layer that keeps the skin strong preventing it from losing moisture.

  • Improves redness, blotchiness and deal with hyperpigmentation in the skin

With an improved epidermal lipid barrier, your skin can protect itself from irritators and aggressors. When you use vitamin c and niacinamide formulations more often you have a chance of dealing with redness and blotchiness that can be affecting your skin. The two ingredients are highly known to enable the skin to have an even tone, and that means they deal with hyperpigmentation accordingly by controlling the production and transfer of melanin in your skin.

  • Deals with lines and wrinkles

Niacinamide products are highly needed by the skin for hydration. The hydration plays a significant role in getting rid of lines and wrinkles on one’s skin. Vitamin C, on the other hand, is essential in collagen production. The two ingredients help the skins to become firmer, elastic and at the same time repair and prevent wrinkle formations.

  • Protect skin from heat and harsh environmental conditions

When the skin is well hydrated and has a well-functioning epidermal lipid barrier, the skin can withstand heat and harsh environmental conditions. On top of that, the skin that is damaged by the UV, as well as environmental conditions, can be easily repaired using the products.

  • Skin disorders treatment

Many skin disorders need to be treated using skin care products. Some of the disorders include acne marks, skin irritations, black spots, and many others. The combination of vitamin c serum for hyperpigmentation and niacinamide can help your skin get rid of acne marks and have an even skin tone.


It is evident that vitamin c and niacinamide can give perfect results when included in your beauty regime. The products are highly affordable, and when you use the skin care products consistently, you will get perfect and healthy skin.

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