Top tips for organizing your storage unit

When using a storage unit, it’s tedious to pull everything out and dig through boxes looking for an item. It is more frustrating if you do this every time you need to get something out of your storage unit. Organizing the storage units Santa Monicacan save you from going through this stress.

Here are simple tips on how to organize your storage unit. 

  • Use same-size boxes and plastic bins

It is easier for you to stack boxes when they are of the same size. Neatly stacked boxes are easy to access. You can also use plastic bins of the same shape and size to make the most of your space. This will enable you to stack everything together perfectly. Avoid putting large boxes at the bottom because it is usually difficult to move them when you urgently need something out.  You can use a brick-wall pattern to stack boxes of the same size. This will allow you to remove and replace boxes without moving the boxes above them.

  • Use labels

This may not save you any space in your storage unit, but it can make it easier for you to get something out of storage. If you don’t label your boxes, you will have to dig through every box to find what you need each time. Labeling all your boxes and bins allows you to easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Heavy Items should be on the bottom

If you pack your items according to weight, you can make the most of the vertical space in your storage unit. This will give you extra space to store things. To maximize your vertical space, start by packing heavy items at the bottom to create a solid base. If you pack heavy items on top of lighter ones, you could end up with leaning piles. Always save the small and light items for the top.

  • Create a list of all items

You should know everything in your storage unit. Assign a number to each box and write a list of the content of each box along with the box number. You can call this a master list. This master list can be used to create custom labels for each box. This may be a big task but it will help you later when you need to find an item quickly. Your list will help you to find a box or item that is out of view easily without blindly digging through many boxes.

  • Design an organized layout for your storage unit.
  • You need to spend the time to plan the layout of your storage unit if you will access it frequently. The layout has to do with how you pack and arrange things in your storage unit. There should be a path in the unit’s middle that allows easy access to your boxes and furniture items. You can put movable items in this middle space for easy removal when you need them.
  • Frequently used items should be placed in the front
  • Consider items you might need while in storage. Place important items you will regularly need at the front of the storage unit. Take into consideration the time and season while arranging these items. This will save you time and make it easy to access this item whenever you need them.]
  • Get rid of items you may never use again

There are items you may never use in your home again. You may be tempted to still keep these items, but it’s best to identify the items and get rid of them. This is a simple way to free up space in your storage unit. You can sell the items or donate them to charity. There is no need to spend money to store things you no longer need.

  • Dismantle large furniture items

Large furniture items like beds and dining sets can take up a lot of space and leave empty gaps that can’t be filled with any other item. This will cause a lot of wasted space within the storage unit. Dismantling large furniture items can solve this problem. This can be time-consuming but it will help you make the most of your storage space.

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