Self storage is very convenient and highly preferred by many. It offers people storage for as long as they need in an affordable fashion. There are many people who are looking to use storage units Clearwater but due to lack of information on how to use them properly they make mistakes. These mistakes might cost you money by lack of proper use of the space or it might mean you will be thrown out of the facility.

Here are some common mistakes many people do and how you can avoid them so you get the best out of your storage unit.

Not being prepared – if you are a last minute rush kind of person then you will end up losing so much. When it comes to storage units proper prior preparation is required. if you are not well prepared you will leave your storage unit a disaster and most probably you will destroy many items. It is essential that you have your day planned out well. If you do not have enough time or manpower you can consider hiring professional movers to help you move.

With proper preparation you will have everything in order when you are packing them, transporting them and stacking them up in the storage unit. You will therefore avoid breaking items and you will save on time.

Failing to label your boxes – this is one mistake that will cost you so much in the long run. You should pack your items as you label the boxes. The labels will help you to get to what you need in the storage unit quickly. Labeling the boxes also helps when you are unpacking the items after removing them from storage. Labeling will also help you when stacking up the boxes because you will be able to figure out the heavy items and the light ones. Never forget to label the boxes.

Not getting the right amenities – times are hard and everyone wants to save as much as they can on goods and services. However when it comes to storage units Clearwater getting the cheapest might not always be the best for you. You should ensure that get all the amenities you need so that your items will be in excellent condition when you are picking them.

For instance if you are storing fragile items that can be affected by weather elements like antiques and art, then a climate controlled unit will be mandatory to keep your items in top notch condition.

Stacking the boxes haphazardly – when it is time to stack up the boxes a lot of care will be needed. Do not just stack them up haphazardly without any order. Store heavy items below and ensure the boxes you need to access often are close to the door. You should therefore have a proper plan in mind when storing the boxes. When you have a good order of things it will be easy for you to get the items you need many months or even a year later.

Failing to insure your items – insurance is important but many people assume it. When you are renting the storage space they will make you sign an agreement that states they are not responsible for your items in case they are stolen or damaged. The storage units Clearwater have very good security but insurance will go a long way when the worst case scenario happens. The insurance will replace your items for you in such a case so you do not suffer the loss.

Packing your items wrong – you should pay close attention to the way you pack your items.  It is recommended that you use airtight transparent plastic bags or boxes for storage. Avoid using plastic to cover items that need to “breathe” like leather and wood or items that can rust. This is because plastic allows formation of condensation. Do not cover your items with newspapers also. This is because the ink on them can become smudged on your items especially when you do not have a climate controlled unit. Use proper wrapping material like bubble wrap, blanket covers and cotton covers when packing and covering your items.

When you avoid these mistakes you can be sure to come back to items that are in excellent condition.


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