Being productive and bringing your “A-game” to the office is harder than most people think. Some days your employees just aren’t in the mood to be the best workers in the world, but you should still try to do whatever you can to keep them inspired. One of the things that can help you is the layout of your office. A bright cheerful atmosphere can go a long way toward increasing productivity. Here are some other things you can introduce to your office in order to encourage productivity on a daily basis.

Office Layout

Enough Maneuvering Space

No matter how big or small your office is, it should always have enough maneuvering space for every individual worker, because being crammed into a tiny space really doesn’t help you get creative and productive. That’s why you need to give everyone their own personal space and a chance to breathe, especially if you want them to be on the top of their game. So, calculate the amount of space you have and divide it by the number of your employees to see how much every single person is going to get, but try to maximize the space as much as you can.

Personal space is the best space

Once you give each employee enough space for their needs, you should also give them a chance to decorate and organize their space any way they want – from incorporating their own décor and bringing in pictures of their family to hanging motivational posters and inspiring quotes on their walls. This is easier to do if your employees have their separate offices with lots of free space, but it’s also doable if they are in cubicles that don’t allow that much creativity. If you let them do whatever they want, your staff is surely going to do their best to decorate their working areas, and that’s going to help them become more creative than ever.

Proper office supplies

No matter how important having a spacious and private working area is, it’s still not enough to encourage your employees to be inspired and productive. So, you need to give them the proper tools for their work and provide them with all the office supplies they need. From storage solutions and stationery to desk accessories, planners and whiteboards for all their presentations, your employees need to be properly equipped if you expect them to perform at the highest level. That’s why lots of employers and managers look for amazing deals at and provide their staff with the best choice of office supplies on the market.

Natural light

This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to maximize everyone’s creativity and performance – and it’s also completely free! Natural light can do wonders for your employees’ productivity, help them wake up more easily and get their head in the game as soon as they sit behind their desk. Moreover, natural light is going to keep the atmosphere in your office more enjoyable, and that’s something every employee needs.

Personalized chairs and desks

Yes, buying everyone the same desk and chair is easier for the management team on so many levels – not only can you complete the purchase in a matter of minutes, but you’ll also let your employees know they’re all equal in your eyes – but it may not be the best idea in the long run. Maybe some of your employees have a problem with the chairs you’ve picked for them, while others find the desks to be impractical and too small. That’s why giving everyone a chance to pick their own chairs and desks is a much better way to increase the productivity in a matter of minutes.

Designing and creating an optimal office layout sounds harder than it really is, and if you put your mind to it and ask for your employees’ feedback, you’ll surely come up with a space that’s going to help them stay productive and inspired eve

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