SoloSuit; The Solution to Prepare a Response When Sued for a Debt

Many people have debts. If you don’t pay your debt on time, debt collectors will sue you, and you need to file a response within 21 days. If you don’t file an answer within 21 days, the court will consider the allegations true, and that will complicate the whole process. To avoid that, it is highly essential to file a response with the court and send a copy of the answer to the plaintiff. To be on the safe side, you need to learn how to answer a summons for debt collection. SoloSuit is a top software that can help you come up with the right answer.

Why do you need to respond to a debt collection summon?

Debt collectors sue many people for not honouring their promise of paying the debts. For that reason, there are many debt cases in courts. When one is sued, you are supposed to receive a summon document that explains why you are sued. The court requires you to file a response within three weeks. If you don’t respond to the lawsuit by submitting a response, the court considers everything in the complaint document as true. This complicates your case further.

In simple steps, SoloSuit got your back in this

Our main aim is to help you in coming up with an answer after receiving a debt collection summon from the court. We clearly understand that it is a bit hard to file a response, but with our software, we got your back. Our app is specially designed in such a way that you answer a few questions. After that, the app creates a complete response based on the information you provide. Here are the simple steps of getting an answer which you file with the court.

  • First step

Many questionscan be asked at the court when debt collectors file a lawsuit against you. For that reason, our automated software gives you a chance to answer a few questions about the debt. On top of that, you need to tell us your story in brief. SoloSuit will take it from there.

  • Step two

The second step is reviewing your answer, as well as your story. One of our top consumer protection lawyers will review your answers as well as the entire answer document. If something needs to be adjusted, you will be contacted to make the changes. The most important thing is to ensure that you provide accurate answers.

  • Final step

After the review, we will print two copies of the answer. You will use one to file your response with the court and send the other copy to the plaintiff. You can as well print the answer when it is ready.

Final words

Responding to a debt collection lawsuit within 21 days is the best thing to do. You should know how to answer a summons for debt collection. SoloSuit is here to help you come up with an answer that can be filed with the court and sent to the plaintiff. Don’t let debt collection summon complicate your life; let SoloSuit help you come up with a perfect response to a debt collection lawsuit.

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