Marketing of products and services has changed in recent times. Companies are adopting marketing strategies that attract ideal customers and later convert them into real buyers using online platforms and relevant content. It is evident that many people are using online platforms to search for information before they buy products and services. For that reason, many startups are adopting inbound and outbound marketing strategies to reach more ideal customers and close more deals. Below is a detailed discussion of the new growth marketing strategies that can take your startup to a new level.

Inbound marketing strategy for series A or B funded startup

Inbound marketing is a new strategy that helps startups to earn the trust and love of potential customers. The strategy requires the startup to understand their potential customers. For you to come up with an effective startup marketing strategy, you need to know your potential customers’ needs and solutions to their problems. Inbound marketing involves the use of articles, blogs, and videos that will help the ideal clients understand their needs. On top of that, you need to have content that will help them to address their needs. On your website, have informative content, and you will attract more visitors. The content should be search engine friendly to ensure that your website is well ranked on search engines.

Blogging attracts more visitors to your site. After that, you need to convert the visitors into qualified leads. At this stage, you need to be smart so as not to lose the visitors. You need to employ premium content to keep the visitors. Also, use easy-to-fill forms that can help you get their email addresses and other vital information that you can use to reach them. Make sure to provide educative and relevant content that focuses on the ideal clients’ needs and wants. This builds trust, and the ideal clients will become believers of your brand. As a result, it becomes easy to convert the leads into customers.

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Outbound marketing strategies

For a long time, outbound marketing strategies are known for being interruptive. Though interruptive, the strategies can be used with an inbound mindset to help the startups to realize their growth objectives. The strategies can be of great help when it comes to lead nurturing. Emailing the leads with content that enlightens them and helps them solve their problems can be of great help. The emailing can be done once in a week and make sure to use content that will make your ideal customers to see you as a leader in the market that can solve their problems. PPC is another outbound marketing method that can go well with inbound marketing strategies. Have a website that has interesting and engaging content to make sure that people who land on the website after clicking your ads have something to read that can benefit them. It is good to note that people who click on ads have a high chance of becoming your loyal customers.


The above new marketing strategies can take your startup to a new level. You can hire professionals who can offer exceptional SEO services that will increase web traffic on your site. Also, a good SEO company can help you walk the journey of converting ideal clients into real customers. Sure Oak is a good example of an SEO company, and you can use to reach them.

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