A new fence is a big investment. For that reason, you should try your best to make the fence last long. You can only do that by maintaining the fence. It is important to note that each fencing material needs different maintenance tactics. To help you keep your fence in best shape, here are maintenance tips based on the fence material.

1. Wood fence maintenance tips

Wood fences are a great option thanks to their low cost and natural look. The fence, if well maintained can last for up to 15 years, and can even last longer than that. Here are maintenance tips for wooden fences;

Paint your fence – After installing a wooden fence, you should paint it using a water repellant preservative to keep moisture and rot at bay. Also, use a sealant with UV inhibitor to protect the fence from UV damage.

Clean your fence every three years – Although this sounds funny, it is a helpful tip to keep your fence new and prevent it from further damage caused by dirt, mold, debris and mildew. Use a pressure washer and a wire brush to thoroughly clean the fence.

Remove rotting/broken parts – After cleaning the fence and letting it dry, check for broken and rotting areas. Replace the affected board with a full board to keep your fence in the right shape.

Lubricate the hinges and fence locks – Use auto grease to oil the hinges and locks, to allow easy access to the pool or garden.

Adjust sprinkler and move vines away – You need to adjust your sprinklers to make sure they don’t always sprinkle water to the fence. Too much water all the time will make the fence rot. Also, remove brushes and vines hanging on the fence.

2. Vinyl fence maintenance tips

One of the main advantages of having a vinyl fence is low maintenance cost. Here are the tips to make your vinyl fence last longer;

Inspect for loosened posts or post caps – Now and then, you should inspect the post and post caps, and when you find loose posts, backfill with dirt to improve stability.

Clean the fence – If you want your vinyl fence to last long, you need to do clean it. You may not necessarily use water, but simply remove debris accumulated in corners and other parts of the fence. But if the debris and dirt is too much, use a hose pipe to clean it.

3. Metal fence maintenance tips

Metal fences are built to last, and require minimal maintenance techniques. However, maintenance will depend on the type of fence you have, be it chain link fence or steel or aluminum fence. Here are the tips to make the fence last longer;

Paint the fence – If your fence is not painted, you need to paint it to keep rust away. You should also repaint it every two or three years depending on your financial ability.

Clean and inspect the fence – Regularly clean the fence and inspect for rusting spots. Use sandpaper or steel wool to remove the rust and then repaint the spot.

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Final Words

If you want your fence to last longer, you need to regularly perform the above maintenance techniques. By doing that, your fence will remain beautiful and strong for the longest time possible. It is a smart way of avoiding costly repairs or replacement.

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