KickassTorrents New Alternative Websites: 100% Working

KickassTorrents was one of the favorite websites for downloading copyrighted movies and TV shows for free. The site used to have millions of visitors per day and was considered the world’s leading torrenting website at some point. Unfortunately, it was closed in 2016 by US authorities. It has taken a few years for new websites to come up and match what Kickass Torrents was able to do back in the day. In this article, we want to highlight new websites that function just like the original KickassTorrents website. Keep reading.

A Little Background About KickassTorrents

The original Kickass Torrents website was founded in 2008 by Artem Vaulin. The founder had an aim of making available copyrighted TV shows and movies to viewers worldwide. The website allowed millions of users to download trending movies and popular TV shows for free. At some point, the website was having millions of visitors per day.

The torrenting website performed excellently for close to 8 years. Despite its popularity and millions of users using it, KickassTorrent was shut down by the US government for sharing pirated content. Its servers were seized and its domain name was taken down, leaving millions of users with nowhere to download torrents.

Taking down Kickass Torrent was not the end of torrenting. And several KickassTorrents proxy and mirror domains were created to revive the official KAT forum and keep torrenting alive. The revived website is run by volunteers but has been banned in several countries including Italy, Denmark, Malaysia, Portugal, and Ireland. Currently, the original site is not functioning, but some KAT proxies and mirrors still function when one uses VPN or other powerful software to hide IP addresses.

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror

There are many Kickass Torrents proxy and mirror sites. But some of the sites may be inaccessible to many users because their internet service providers may have blocked them. But when you use VPN software, you can access the sites. Here are some of the top KickassTorrent proxy and mirror sites you can use to download free TV shows and movies;

Many users are using the above sites for movie torrenting and enjoy the best experience as if they are using the original KAT site. Please note that the sites are managed by different admins and hence may function slightly differently. But they are user-friendly and look the same.

KickassTorrents New Alternative Websites

If you want to try new websites to download movies and TV shows torrents, don’t worry as there are many alternatives. One of the Kickass Torrent alternatives is The Pirate Bay, which is currently the most popular torrent website worldwide. The site functions excellently and has a lot of torrents you can download for free.

Besides The Pirate Bay (, here are other top-rated alternatives to KickassTorrents;

  • Dirty Torrents – com
  • TorLock – com
  • iDope – se
  • ExtraTorrents – si
  • 1337x – to
  • Zooqle – com
  • Yify Torrent / YTS – mx


When Will Original KickassTorrents Website Be Back?

The original KickassTorrents will not be back anytime soon. Its servers were seized and its domain name was taken away by the US authorities.

Should I Use Kickass Torrents?

You can only use Kickass Torrent proxy and mirror as the original site was shut down due to sharing pirated content. If not, you can use KAT alternatives like The Pirate Bay, Dirty Torrents, among others.

Are There Similar Websites Like Original KickassTorrents?

Yes, many sites like The Pirate Bay, BitTorrent, ExtraTorrent, TorLock, and LimeTorrents work just like the original Kickass Torrents.

Why is Kickass Not Working?

Original Kickass is not working because it was shut down by the US government. But you can use the new alternative websites for your torrenting needs.

Final Words

KickassTorrents was a popular movie torrenting website. The site was founded in 2008 but was shut down in 2016 by the US government for sharing pirated content. But that didn’t stop torrenting. There are new Kickass Torrents proxy sites and alternative websites, like The Pirate Bay, users can use to download copyrighted movies and popular TV shows for free.



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