What does consider when setting a Minecraft server?

It has been few years since the Minecraft was launched and it is already one of the most popular online games. Yes, it is an online game but it works in a totally different way than on other online games. The game has been hosted on online series of servers including your server which you used to play Minecraft. To play the game with other players, you need to invite them to your server. Due to the availability of the server, people like to go with the best Minecraft servers only. So, it is very important that your server is best in all terms if you want to play the game with other users (mostly the random people).

Defiantly, you can give your IP address to your friends to play Minecraft with you but to bring other people on your public Minecraft server; you need to consider the following things:

Bigger is better:

You can use your own server or purchase online from the different platform for the game. The bigger does not mean in the size but the better performance, speed, RAM size, loading time and availability of servers 24 hours. If you choose a slow server, the other player may leave the game due to this issue. So do not compromise with the speed. The bigger server also allows you to create a large map which is a great feature to attract other users to play with you

An appealing theme:

Now it is not hard to find the best Minecraft themes which are appealing and attract other players to play with you on your server. You can simply search the top or best Minecraft themes online or if you are the good in designing, then you can make one for yourself. You can also add the multiple themes to your server to make it more appealing to other players

Security plug-ins:

The popular server has chances to get hacked. So, you need to make your server safe and secure for yourself and other players who show interest to join you as the player on your server. For this, you need to read up on the best plug-ins available online. Most of these plug-ins are free and easy to install. The must-have plug-ins on your servers is WorldEdit, Essentials, and PermissionsEx.

Consider the cost:

There are so many popular names when it comes to purchasing a reliable Minecraft server. The cost usually depends on the features, speed, and specification of the server. Sometime, it could be very expensive to install a powerful server with the good hard drive. So, make sure that you consider the cost as it could go high if you decided to open your server to other players.

In short, when you are choosing a server for Minecraft, you have to make it very attractive so that other user cannot get bored. The speed is indeed one of the most important facts but usually, the servers available on the internet do offer this and give special importance on the speed of server to keep their customers stay with them in long-term. An attractive design, choice of plug-ins, themes and how you behave with other players do have their importance too.


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