How to Prepare Your Items for Storage; Essential Tips

If you have decided to store your items at storage units Santa Monica, regardless of the items you need to store preparation is important. You want to find your valuables in pristine condition when you need them which is among the reasons you decided to place them in a storage unit. However, for this to be you will have to prepare them well prior to storage. This is especially important when you have to store your items for a very long time. However even in short storage periods it is crucial to be prepared.

Before you get to pack your items and transporting them to the storage units, you should know what is allowed there and what is not. There are certain restrictions that you should adhere to if you are going to be allowed by the facility to store your items there. Usually these restrictions are due to security and therefore in the best interest of everyone. Some of the items not allowed in the storage units include; gasoline, explosive items like fireworks, chemicals, drugs and narcotics, propane tanks, fertilizers and others. There are also regulations governing the facility that you should know about.

Here are some tips to use to ensure your items in storage will be in great condition.

Thoroughly clean and vacuum your items – before you put anything in storage it is imperative that you ensure it is totally clean. You do not want to come back to items that are full of mold, rotten smell and even insects. Ensure that all the items you take to storage are clean and completely dry.

Pack your items properly – packing is very important because it will protect your items from dust, moisture and other elements. It is recommended that you use air tight and clear plastic bags to store your items. Being air tight they will not allow condensation to happen which can damage your items. Also, since they are clear it will be easy to see what you are looking for when you come to collect an item from the storage units Santa Monica. If you are storing a car, you should use a cotton cover not a plastic one as the plastic one allows condensation that can cause rusting.

If you choose to use boxes for storing your items, ensure that the boxes are labeled so you can identify what is inside them with ease. Also, it is advisable to use stackable boxes so that they do not take up so much of the available space. Since the boxes will be sealed, remember also to have a labeling system that will indicate the weight of the box for you so it is easy for you when stacking up the boxes. You should also ensure that the boxes are filled to the top to prevent them from collapsing when stacking them up.

For fragile items like glassware or china, you are supposed to wrap each item individually using paper or bubble wrap. This will prevent the items from colliding with each other and breaking.  You should also indicate the items are fragile if you are using boxes. The heavy items should be packed in small boxes that will be easy to carry. The larger but light items like curtains and bed sheets should be put in the larger boxes.

Stacking the items – if you have furniture like cupboards and drawers in the unit, you should use the drawers and spaces available in the furniture to store items. This gives you some sort of double space. Otherwise if all your items are in boxes, then you should stack the boxes one on top of the other. You should place the heavy boxes down and have the lighter boxes on top. Boxes with fragile items should be the highest on the stack.

Also you should figure out which items you might need to get often from the storage units Santa Monica and placing them near the door. That will ensure that you have easy reach when you need them. If you are storing appliances ensure they are very well cleaned. Wrap them and the cords with bubble wrap. For fridges and ovens leave a small portion of the door open.

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