Live escape room games are becoming popular in different parts of the world. In NYC, many places are opening to offer live escape room games. Escape Entertainment is one of the places that has come with high-quality live escape the room games. We have come with best escape room NYC games that leave individuals and groups entertained. If you love live escape room games, you have a chance to experience out of this world entertainment at Escape Entertainment. The following is a detailed discussion of why we are the perfect place to enjoy best escape room NYC games.

Top class games

Everybody wants to go out to enjoy top class entertainment. Many people prefer to escape the room games. Escape Entertainment has come with top class escape the room games that match the desires of escape the room game lovers. We have best escape room NYC games that are designed by experts with vast knowledge and experience. Our games last for 60 minutes and that gives players enough time to find the escape route. Alien Attack, Prohibition Pandemonium, and Manhattan Mayhem are some of our top class games that all our clients like.

Exceptional services

In our facilities, we have trained and experienced personnel who are ready to help our clients at any time. Our staff understands all our games and will guide you whenever you need assistance. Before you and your friends start any game, our employees will brief you on the game so that you can have an easy and enjoyable time while playing. The games just need you to work as a team and think critically so that you can find the escape route easily. On top of that, our staff will make sure that get the services that you deserve.

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Excellent escape rooms

Live escape room games need exceptional and superior facilities. They also need to have best escape rooms that are uniquely designed. Escape Entertainment has designed our live escape rooms with top quality artworks. The rooms look like movies set rooms as the mixture of color and artworks is just amazing. The rooms are spacious and large enough to accommodate families and team building groups. Our main aim is to give our clients the best experience so that they can feel entertained and challenged by our best escape room NYC games.

Affordable and easy to book

As one of the leading indoor activities in NYC, live escape the room games should be affordable. We have made sure that we offer these exceptional games at pocket-friendly charges so as not to limit any escape the room game lover in NYC. On top of that, we have made sure that booking is easy on our website. Clients can also buy tickets at our facility.


If you are searching for a perfect place for live escape the room games in NYC, Escape Entertainment is an exceptional facility. We have come to provide top class entertainment with our best escape room NYC games. Therefore, book a game today, and you will enjoy our best escape room games at pocket-friendly prices.

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