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Easy and Secure methods to Access QuickBooks Remotely

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software for the financial management of businesses. The technology, with time, treats the users with the best innovations. Remote access is one such advancement in technology. It results in increased flexibility in the applications. QB desktop has overpowered the market with its user-friendly interface but has certain loopholes. One such drawback has been binding users to the local machine to work on the application. Realizing the need for remote access for meeting user needs, we have 3 ways for the same. There are 3 secure and easy ways in which the user can access data on QuickBooks independent of machine. We shall discuss those methods in this blog. Read on to find out which one will be the choice for you to evolve with technology and grow your business.

Advantages of Remote Access over the conventional machine dependence of software

The obvious benefit of having the data on the cloud is easy and quick access to the files anywhere and anytime. The same goes for the QuickBooks remote access. The accomplishment to access QuickBooks remotely has the following advantages.

  • Files transferring is possible between two computers.
  • The accountants can work from home on QuickBooks company files. Also, a similar task can be done by other users
  • authorized to remote servers.
  • The documents are easy to print from a remote PC to a local computer.
  • The ability to access QuickBooks by client or manager apart from the primary user/accountant. The collaboration of different users on the same QuickBooks file.
  • Accounting professionals can have up to date access to QuickBooks all the time, even when they are not at the office.
  • The possible methods for users to Access QuickBooks Remotely

QuickBooks Online: 

QuickBooks developer Intuit came up with the online version of the application aided by cloud computing hype. QuickBooks Online remains independent of the device. Hence, the software and the files are accessible anytime, anywhere. All that is required from users’ end is the internet connection and obviously the license of QuickBooks Online version. The number of users who collaborate over it at a time will depend on the plan that you choose.

The drawback that sticks to this version of QB is that the features available with the conventional desktop version are missing. Added to this is the change of user interface, which has been the cause of users not opting for the Online version. It won’t be wrong to say that Intuit had the plan but could not execute it. Due to this, users plan on opting for the third-party cloud server. This one has been mentioned as the third method and is the most secure one for QuickBooks remote access.

Making use of QuickBooks Remote Access Tool: 

QuickBooks Remote access tool helps to establish a connection with the remote machine. The remote machine has QuickBooks Desktop installed. Some of the regular tasks such as copying of data between local and remote computers can be accomplished. Additionally, print files on the remote server using the local printer becomes possible. QuickBooks Remote Access tool is an add-on for the QuickBooks accounting software. It has been made available in the two versions of QB– QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access. The tool can be purchased from the website of Intuit. QuickBooks Remote Access tool will give access to connect to the remote machine on which the QuickBooks desktop is installed. ‘QuickBooks Remote access tool’ is for individuals who do not need regular software accessibility.

This software works on the Cisco WebEx tool that assists online meetings and communication services. Apart from the Cisco WebEx tool, various third party remote access software are obtainable in the market those have offered similar QuickBooks remote hosting services. Hence, you can use them to use QuickBooks remotely, just like using a local desktop. However, factors like network connectivity, permissions setup, etc., may trouble the smooth operations.

QuickBooks Desktop Hosted on Cloud server: 

QuickBooks Hosting is a service that allows its users to host their QuickBooks Desktop software and data on the cloud. It results in users ability to access it from anytime, anywhere. QuickBooks version, which is installed on the server of hosting providers, is accessible to authentic users. The requirement from the user is simply the availability of the internet on the machine. The most significant advantage of Cloud-based QuickBooks on a third-party server is that any version of QuickBooks, be it Premier, Pro, Enterprise, POS, or Accountant, can be hosted. For hosting the QuickBooks, a fee must be paid to the service provider. The fee depends upon certain factors like the number of users and resources your application will require.

The business automatically starts working on core projects if it is assured that sensitive company data is secure and safe. The data is protected from threats once the QuickBooks Sync with the Cloud of the right service providers. The QuickBooks Cloud hosting service providers have behind-the-scenes maintenance and automatic backups. This helps to improve business performance by reducing the threat to the company’s financial information.

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