There are many debt collection complaints in Utah and other parts of the world. A good number of the accused persons ignore the summons while a small numberfiles responses. It is essential to file a response if you want to win the case or get a fair hearing. It is required that when you receive a debt collection complaint, you submit an answer with the court within 21 days. You need to prepare an accurate answer. To prepare an accurateanswer to complaint, SoloSuit is here to offer a helping hand.

What happens when you ignore a debt collection complaint?

People react differently when they receive debt collection complaints. Some will ignore the complaint while others will respond by filing an answer. The complaint has details of the case. It is import that you submit a response either by denying or accepting the allegations. You can as well bring any defenses you want to raise against the plaintiff. However, if you don’t file an answer, the judge will consider all the information provided by the plaintiff as true. This will complicate the case as you will have missed your first step of defending yourself.

How to prepare your answer

When preparing a reply to a debt collection complaint, first you need to read the complaint and understand it. You should respond to each allegation and give your side of the story. When you are done, you should file the answer with the court and send one copy to the other party. However, if you don’t know how to go about it, SoloSuit is here to help you.

How to prepare your answer with SoloSuit

SoloSuit offers a platform where you can prepare an accurate response to a debt collection complaint. The platform has automated software that does the magic in preparing your answer. You are supposed to answer a few questions regarding the debt case. The most important thing here is to provide accurate information so that the software can prepare an accurate response. When you are done, one of our experienced debt defense attorneys reviews the answer. If it is correct, then it is ready for printing.

On top of preparing the answer, we can file it for you

Besides preparing an answer to complaint, SoloSuit offers filing services. When we are done with the answer, we can file the answer for you upon request. We will print two copies; send one copy to the plaintiff and file the other with the court. However, it is important to note that we are not a law firm; our part it to help you prepare the answer and file it for you(optional).


You should not ignore a debt collection complaint because if you do, it will be tough for you to defend yourself in court. For that reason, you should prepare and file a response within 21 days of receiving the complaint. If you want to prepare and submit an answer to complaint, SoloSuit is here to help. We will prepare an accurate response thanks to our automated software. Also, upon request, we can file the answer with the court and serve the plaintiff with a copy on your behalf.

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