Does Your Company Need a Business Phone Number? Let’s Find out

There is fierce competition in almost every industry. For that reason, companies are working hard to beat the competition and increase their sales. Companies are now going for business phone numbers to ensure that their customers and ideal clients can contact them easily. This is a simple way of creating the right image of your business and even increase your business presence even without many physical offices. Does your business need a business phone number? Well, let’s find out in the following discussion.

Types of business phone numbers

There are several business phone numbers you can have for your business. One of the types is toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers are designed to help customers call your company at zero cost. Your business is the subscriber, and that means persons calling your business through the phone number are not charged. Toll-free numbers are free within a country, but when one calls from outside the country, they are charged.

ITFS/UIFN Numbers are the second type of business phone numbers that allow callers to call your business from abroad at no cost. These numbers can help your business to increase its international presence even without physical offices abroad. Another type of business phone number is Local Access Numbers. These numbers can help you focus on a specific market in various countries, regions and even cities. The numbers are well designed to appeal to domestic audiences.  The target audience will see your business as a local one even if you don’t have offices there. The last type of business phone numbers is Vanity Phone Numbers, mostly used in marketing campaigns.

Advantages of having a business phone number for your business

As we have seen above, there are several types of business phone numbers. These numbers come with advantages. One of the benefits is that these numbers help to create a good image of a business. On top of that, the numbers improve your business presence. With a local access phone number, your business can be operating in a different city or country even without a physical office. Also, you can receive more information from customers, and that can help you improve your services and even products. Furthermore, business phone numbers may come with exceptional features such as call recording, call forwarding and others. These features will help your business manage the calls and address all queries and requests from callers with ease.

Where to get a business phone number?

There are many companies offering business phone numbers for sale. Global Call Forwarding is one of the companies. The company has what it takes to give you a number that can improve your customer services and support. You can get a wide range of business phone numbers ranging from toll-free numbers to vanity phone numbers from the provider.


Business phone numbers come with many benefits to companies and businesses. Your business should purchase a business phone number, and things will get better with time. Global Call Forwarding offers business phone numbers that can suit your business. Therefore, get a business phone number for your company today, and your business will enjoy the benefits.

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