Your business should have contact numbers. The numbers can be used to receive calls call and even SMS from existing and ideal customers. Using virtual phone numbers is cost-effective and can enhance your business profile. On top of that, you can increase your business presence locally and international even without having many physical offices. You can getvirtual phone numbers for your business from providers like United World Telecom, which has been in the industry for over two decades now.

What is a virtual phone number?

This is a unique telephone number that doesn’t use traditional telephone lines, but routes calls via the internet. We all know that traditional telephone lines are expensive to use, and at times they may be unreliable. It is important to note that a virtual phone number can be used on any device ranging from an old telephone to smartphone. The phone number will help clients as well as ideal customers to contact your company at a lower cost. This is a good thing for you and your customers.

Benefits of having a virtual phone number for your business

One of the main advantages of having a virtual phone number is that it allows your existing, as well as potential customers, call or text you at lower costs. This makes your business the best option on the market by having a reliable customer service support. On top of that, virtual phone numbers come with premium features such as call forwarding, call recording, SMS forwarding, and even outbound calling. More so, when you get this number from a reliable provider, you can increase your business presence and enhance your business profile. You don’t need to have physical offices abroad; all you need is a working virtual phone number.

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Features available for virtual phone numbers

Many providers offer virtual numbers with a wide range for free features. On top of that, you can get premium features at an added cost. Some of the free features include unlimited extension, enterprise API, time of day routing, customized greetings, fax to email, sequential forwarding, voicemail to email, select country forwarding, local ringback tones and a lot more. The premium features include call forwarding, SMS forwarding, outbound calling, and call recording.

The best provider of virtual phone numbers globally

If you want to get a reliable phone number, you need to get it from a reliable provider. United World Telecom is a top company offering virtual local and international phone numbers. The company has been in the industry for 22 years. Also, the tele-company has virtual numbers from over 140 countries, and that makes it one of the most reliable companies in the industry. Their charges are pocket-friendly. Furthermore, with their 24/7 customer support service, nothing can go wrong after purchasing a virtual phone number from the company.


Purchasing a virtual phone number for your business can change your business. With an international virtual phone number, you can enhance your global business presence even without having offices abroad. United World Telecom is the company providing virtual phone numbers for businesses. Therefore, don’t be left behind, purchase a virtual phone number from United World Telecom today, and you will not be disappointed.

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