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Many people are moving to foreign countries in search of employment opportunities. China is one of the countries that is attracting many people from different parts of the world. There are many employment opportunities in the country as it is one of the largest economies in the world. To work in China, you need to have a work permit to ensure that you don’t collide with the Chinese authorities. Below is a detailed discussion of how you can easily get a Chinese work permit to work legally in China.

Applying for the work permit from home country

Before you apply for the work permit in China, you first need to apply for the work visa which is usually known as Z-Visa. One needs to visit the Chinese embassy in their countries to get a notification letter which takes at least 3-4 weeks to be processed. The notification letter is from the Chinese authorities that state that an individual has been approved to work in China. With the notification letter, an applicant can now apply for a working visa at a Chinese embassy. With the working visa, one can now move to China where they undergo a medical examination and register their residence with the police. It now easy to replace the working visa by a working purpose residence permit and then apply for the work permit.

Applying for working permit while in China

For applicants who are already in China, it is simple to apply for a work permit in tier-1 city. One needs to apply directly to the Local Labor Bureau by submitting all the required documents. After the work permit is issued, the applicant has to apply for a working purpose residence permit. Business Visa, study Visa, and Tourist Visa can be converted into a residence permit allowing applicants to easily get a work visa without traveling back to their countries.

Classification of work permits

China has classified work permits in three categories. The categories include; class A, class B, and class C. Class A is for high-level experts who earn over 50,000 RMB per month. This category is for highly learned, and it is the only work permit that can allow a person over 60 years old to work in China. When it comes to class B, it consists of professional workers who earn a monthly salary of over 26,100 RMB. Class C work permit is of low skilled workers.

Required documents for work permit application

The documents required by Chinese authorities depend on different cases. When it comes to employees, they need to submit work permit, CV, labor contract, medical report and police registration form of residence. Also, they need to submit the original diploma along with legalized and notarized copy. Furthermore, police clearance certificate is a must. The police clearance certificate and Diploma need to be translated and authenticated. When it comes to employers, they need to submit a business license, company stamp, passport of legal representative among other documents.


From above it is evident that getting a work permit is easy. You need to get all the documents and follow various procedures. Within a short period, you will get the work permit and work comfortably in China. After getting the work permit, leading companies like NHGlobalPartners are ready to help you get employment or get talented workers for your business. NHGlobalPartners also helps foreign companies in China in strategic development.

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