Many people think that divorce cases are similar.  For that reason, they think that they can get advice from divorced couples and even relatives. However, in reality, divorce cases are very different from each other. People divorce because of various reasons.  A couple can permanently separate due to adultery actions, abandonment or even when one partner is imprisoned.  For that reason, you need a reasonable divorce attorney Long Island who can help you analyze your situation andadvice you on the way forward.

A brief about no-fault and fault-based divorce

A no-fault divorce applies when both parties agree on a divorce settlement and everything else. In this case, the couple can settle their differences aside and calmly handle the divorce proceedings. On the other hand, fault-based divorce involves one party seeking divorce as a result of the other party’s fault. There are many grounds for fault-based divorce such as adultery, alcohol abuse, abandonment and even domestic violence.  The party seeking divorce should prove why he or she wants the marriage to be dissolved. In such a case, you need a competent divorce attorney Long Island on your side.

Uncontested divorce vs contested divorce

These are two separate types of divorce. An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree on almost everything. The couple with the help of their lawyers negotiate and agree on child custody, child support, division of assets and debts, spousal support and anything in question for the divorce to be finalized.  On the other hand, a contested divorce is where both parties can’t agree on the divorce settlement. Due to the disagreement, the divorce can get complicated, and it can take a longer time to be finalized. The case will end in a trial, and the court will give a ruling on the issues the couple couldn’t agree on.

 Why are divorce cases different from each other?

Couples separate as a result of different reasons. You may have different interests, and that can affect the whole process. You may negotiate for child custody and support if you have children, but a couple without children that is not an issue. More so, your divorce case may require division of marital assets while another may not. Spousal support can be involved in one case, but it may not be an issue in a case where both parties are well financially. These are some of the things that make each case special.

No matter the case, you need an experienced divorce lawyer

You need an aggressive and competent divorce attorney Long Island, no matter your divorce case. The lawyer will help you approach your case professionally and help you negotiate for what you deserve. Even if your divorce is no-fault or uncontested, you may require a competent attorney to help you negotiate. Legal advice can also be of great help in divorce cases.


Every divorce case is unique. For that reason, each case requires a unique approach. You should take your case seriously if you want your divorce to end well. No matter the situation of your divorce, you need legal expertise. At Petroske Riezenman & Meyers you can get the best divorce lawyer. The lawyer will handle your divorce uniquely and professionally.

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