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A Glance on the Importance of Empty Bottles

One of the reasons why it is advocated that garbage must be segregated is for some people seeing items that are recyclable. These will help the waste management easier and the environment will be benefited because of this. One of the most popular recyclable items may be next to the newspapers is empty bottles. These empty bottles thrown in trash bin have some positive contribution to the society especially if you go to the third world countries where jobs could be scarce for some people. These positive contributions are seen in a micro economic context as well as creativity and innovation in the society. How do empty bottles make this possible? The answer lies in the next sections.

Empty Bottles as Income Generator

As what can be observed some people get their source of income by getting those empty bottles out of different trash bin and sell them to those who do empty bottle buying as their business. The prices of these empty bottles may vary depending on its type, like if it is a plastic or glass type. These types would determine its reusability. For some people this form of simple business can be a sufficient income for them to sustain their daily needs. This situation again could only be visible in non-developed countries where a lot of unemployed people and very poor family are living.

Empty Bottles for Creativity and Innovation

As for some people who are wise and creative enough, they can easily transform these empty bottles into something that can be of use. A good scenario to mention is the act of converting empty bottles into something like a pot that can be used for planting small items like vegetable or flowers. This is commonly seen in rural areas.

Some people would also use empty bottles as decorations. Amazingly, we can see a sample of these on Christmas trees made of empty plastic bottles. Some people would just put colored water in it and it already will serve as a very creative beautiful Christmas decoration.

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For other people the empty bottles can be used as a musical instrument. Some water will be poured into it at different heights and that can be a good source of musical sound by striking the bottles with a metal or a spoon. The bottles here must be glass type though.

Other people, especially kids can make a good toy out of the empty bottle. In some science fair activities, a rocket ship was made out of an empty plastic bottle and that was fantastic.

As a conclusion, these empty bottles could still have potential usage for most people. Hence it is good if we keep them separated from other trashes. One can do this to help his neighbor or for their own benefit directly.

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