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How to Choose Travel Bottle

Build and Capacity

This is a cylindrical travel bottle that comes with a flip top cover that stays shut and tight no matter what the bottle position will be. Just like most of the other travel bottles this can carry around 3 ounces of liquid. Its body is made of special thermal plastic that keeps the bottle from cracking, no matter what the environment temperature will be.


This travel bottle is known to be portable enough wherever you may go. You can bring this safely with any form of transportation you choose. You can even hand carry this inside the airplane making your flight more convenient as you can have with you always the most important stuff that you might need like liquid hand Sanitizers for a clean hand all the times. As a matter of fact, this is a TSA approved product.

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Convenience of Use

Because of its shape, size and easy to grip container, this travel bottle is proven to be convenient to use. You can just easily pop the top cover and easily squeeze or pour out the liquid inside. This is convenient to use for all types of user, regardless of age. So adult and children alike, this is the product for you.

Price Affordability

Currently this product is getting more affordable than before. Now you can get a 2.96 USD savings as this is now sold at 6.99 USD comparables to its original price which was 9.95 USD. Aside from its main product price, you can also enjoy the low shipment fee which you can even get for free in case your order is above 35 USD.

Health Aspect

Above anything else, this is the most important part of this review. This product is proven to be safe enough as it claims that the materials used to build it is BPA free. Bisphenol A or BPA is a carbon based compound that is proven to be toxic to one’s health as this may cause contamination to the liquid stored in the travel bottle. While most travel bottles claim the same, it will not be enough unless the product is thoroughly approved by the FDA which is the case of this product.


As a conclusion, the product review above might be very useful to all who have not tried the MoYo Natural Labs 3.4oz Travel Bottle Flip Cap 3Pk of BPA Free Made in USA Empty Plastic 3.4 Oz Travel bottles. Get one of these travel bottles now and experience for real what this product has been advertised. This simply is the best travel bottle so far.


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