Why Santa Monica is a PerfectCity for College Students

College students enjoy hanging around together with many groups preferring urban walks and traveling. College boys will consider beaches, arenas, and clubs for entertainment. On the other hand, girls will look for sceneries for taking photos of their colleagues as well as ice cream parlors. Hosting several colleges, Santa Monica is the ideal city for various college students to spend their free time due to the conducive environment and cost-effectiveness. Below is a detailed discussion of reasons for choosing Santa Monica as the perfect city for college students and young individuals.


College students are outgoing and want classic places they can get entertainment services. Santa Monica is a perfect place in Los Angeles that offers a wide range of entertainment services. There is a beach downtown that attracts many people visiting and living in the city. College students always visit the beach for swimming and entertainment. On top of that, there are many nightclubs and food joints that make most of the students happy. There are many other hang out spots like Third Street Promenade and Santa Monica Pier perfectly suited for college students.

Low cost of living

College students are well funded by their parents. Many of the students want a place where the cost of living is low. With the low cost of living, they can save some money for entertainment activities. Santa Monica is an Ideal city in Los Angeles when it comes to cost of living. The city is well supplied with food, and there are many food joints across the city. The food joints offer all kinds of food ate pocket-friendly prices making life easy for the college students. When it comes to the cost of accommodation, the house rents are also affordable.

Accommodation availability

College students want a city that has many hostels. Santa Monica is one of the cities in Los Angeles that has many hostels suitable for college students. Around main education centers such as Santa Monica College, many investors have developed to quality hostels for students. The hostels vary in prices as they come in different sizes. Therefore, all students have a place to stay that matches their budget.

Presence of many education centers

Santa Monica is one of the cities in California that you can receive a quality higher education. There are many education centers with experienced lecturers. This means that students get quality education which enables them to get employment or start their businesses after education.Santa Monica College and The Art Institute of California are some of the leading educational institutions in the city.

Availability of post office services

Many college students come from different parts of Los Angeles. Also, many international students are studying in Santa Monica. Many of the students use post office services to send and receive parcels and mails. Santa Monica, CA post office hours suits them to ensure that they enjoy all the post office services. As a result, Santa Monica will remain the best place for college students.

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