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Why is Hair Transplant Becoming More Popular in Recent Years?

Hair loss or baldness continues to affect both young as well as aged people. It affects both men and women, and there are many solutions to the problem. One of the solutions to deal with hair loss or baldness is hair transplant. The procedure has become very popular in recent past, and many people are going for it. Why is hair transplant Turkey getting more popular? Well, read on to learn why.

Yields Better Results

There are different hair restoration methods you can consider such as use of topical treatments, hair transplant procedures, among others. When you use topical products to address hair loss, you are likely not to see best results in months or even years. However, hair transplant procedures are more direct as they involve transplanting hair grafts into the bald or affected area on the scalp. It’s an effective method, especially when done by highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons. Yielding best results is one of the main reasons why hair transplant is becoming more popular in Turkey and other parts of the world.

Less Invasive Procedures Are Coming Up

Some years back, hair transplant procedures involved a lot of cuttings and incisions. Although the procedures gave best results, there are newer techniques that are less invasive. FUT Hair Transplantation, also known as the Strip Method has been there for a long time, and is more invasive. Newer, better, and less invasive hair transplantation procedures have come up such as FUE procedures that include NeoGraft Method, among others.

Minimal Downtime

Another reason that has made hair transplant more popular in Istanbul, Turkey and other parts of the world is that the advanced procedures require little to no downtime for the patient. Once the procedure is done, you simply walk out and wait for your hair to regrow. However, you need to observe some hair transplant post-surgery precautions for best results. For instance, in FUE hair transplant procedure there is no stitching, trauma, and even scars. You only need to wear a hat for several days.

The Services Are Now Available in Most Parts of the World

Hair transplant services are now available in almost every part of the world, including developing countries. With many people suffering from hair loss or baldness across the world, many plastic surgeons have come up, and many clinics have absorbed them to offer the hair transplant services to the people. For instance, in Istanbul, Turkey, hair transplant has become more popular as there are many clinics offering the services, and that has brought fierce competition making the services a little cheaper. Click here to get more information about hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey.

Forums and The Internet

Thanks to the internet, there are many hair transplant forums people are using to get more information about the procedure. The forums are used as an avenue to enlighten the public about almost everything about the hair transplant procedures. And this makes more people prefer the procedures for hair restoration. You can find a list of hair transplant forums on Also, the internet has allowed clinics and plastic surgeons to market their businesses and even enlighten the public, making it more popular.

Final Words

It’s no doubt hair transplant has become more popular almost in every part of this world. People want to look good, and finding a less invasive and more effective solution to deal with hair loss or baldness is something worth embracing. That’s why, hair transplant is and will continue to become more popular not only in Turkey, but also in other countries.


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