Why Are Many Startups doing Well in Santa Monica, CA?

Santa Monica is increasingly becoming popular when it comes to startups. Many startups are coming up, and they have many benefits. Most of the startups specialize in apps that make most operations easy in various sectors in the city. This is a good thing for the city as many young professional and entrepreneurs are moving to the city to work as well as invest in the startups. Many of them are making huge profits from what they offer to the city. There are many apps as well as devices that target various sectors such as healthcare. Below is a detailed discussion of some of the startups and some reasons why they are doing well in Santa Monica.

Some leading startups in Santa Monica

One of the leading startup doing well in the city is Headspace. The startup has come up with a mental fitness application that is helpful in meditation. The firm was found in 2010, and up to date, it has raised funds that amount to nearly $40million. There is another startup by the name Fair.com which has come to help individuals avoid frustration when purchasing cars. This app has raised over $1 billion, and it allows clients to choose their ideal car and make a purchase using their phones. Edmunds, Hallmark labs, TaskUs, MomentFeed, Cornerstone on Demand and many others are some of the startups doing excellently in Santa Monica.

Reasons why startups are doing well in the city

Have great ideas

For a startup to do well in the competitive market, it must offer something new to the market. The Startups offer solutions or help companies as well as individuals to do operations easily. Cornerstone on Demand is a good example of a startup that has come up with a software that is helping companies and many employers to manage workers. Many other startups have great ideas that simplify operations like purchasing of a car like the case of Fair.com.

Financial support

Most of these startups can get raise funds from venture capitalists. Of course, when you have a great app or software to offer to the market, you will get funding. Most of the startups have developed sophisticated software and technological devices that address most of the challenges facing individuals as well as companies.

Presence of many young tech professionals

Santa Monica is home to many young skilled professionals. A good percentage of the professionals specialize in technology. These means that most of the startups have professionals to hire to help them realize their goals. On top of that,these young tech professionals are the ones starting most of these startups.


Santa Monica has risen to become one of the tech cities in California. The city has young professionals who are determined to realize their goals through innovations. Most of these startups use post office services to receive as well as send letters to important individuals such as potential clients, investors, and employees. They even use Santa Monica, CA post office phone number to connect with the post office for inquiries. The startups will continue to do well which is good for the city.

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