Live escape the room games have become popular in different parts of the world. In NYC, Escape Entertainment is the only venue you can enjoy top quality escape the room games. We have best escape rooms in NYC, and many clients are pleased by our top games and services. We have proved to be unbeatable in the entertainment industry by coming up with a superior facility that everybody is talking about in the city. Below is a detailed discussion of why we have become the go-to entertainment venue in NYC.

Offer world-class escape the room games

Escape Entertainment has come with world-class escape the room games. We know what our clients want. For that reason, our games are designed by experts such as behaviorists, game designers, mathematicians, and psychologists. These experts work as a team to come up with entertaining and out of these world games. Our games give our customers a chance to interact, negotiate, think and employ teamwork to escape. They are not easy, but they are highly entertaining. You need to escape within 60 minutes. That means you must be sharp and think as a team to win any of the games.

We have many games waiting for you. Alien Attack is one of the games that is driving many clients to our venue. The game is challenging players to escape from a life-threatening force, and it has been voted as one of the most technologically exciting games. Manhattan Mayhem and Prohibition Pandemonium are also some of the games that you will find in our best escape rooms in NYC. On top of that, we have a brand new game by the name The Master Mind. It is one of a kind, and all clients who have played the game say that it is extraordinary.

Have best escape rooms in NYC

To ensure our games are exciting, we have spacious and well-decorated escape rooms. We made sure that we hired interior design experts who knew what we wanted. They did a clean job of decorating the rooms and making them look fantastic. For that reason, you will be able to enjoy the experience that you can’t find anywhere else in NYC. The escape rooms are spacious and can hold up to 10 players per round. The rooms are excellent for team building for family reunions, birthday parties, and professional groups.

We are pocket-friendly and supportive

Escape the room games are challenging. For that reason, we have employed a support team that guides clients on how to play. They will assist you in booking and make sure you enjoy playing at our place. On top of that, we have made sure that all our charges are affordable to avoid limiting people interested in our escape the room games from coming.


From above it is evident that Escape Entertainment is the place where to find best escape rooms in NYC. We have highly decorated rooms. With our unbeatable escape the room games, our clients are highly entertained. Therefore, make your booking today, and you will enjoy an unforgettable experience at Escape Entertainment.

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