Robotic Hair Transplant

What is the Cost of HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant Machine?

Hair transplant is one of the hair loss or baldness treatments. The treatment can be done in two ways; Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and FUT or strip method.  Strip method is relatively older compared to FUE and involves extraction of a strip of skin with hair grafts from the donor area. Hair grafts are then harvested from the strip and implanted on balding areas on the scalp. This method leaves huge scars on the donor area once the patient heals. FUE is a more advanced method that extracts individual hair grafts from the donor area and implanting them on the recipient area. HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant Machine is the latest device that has come to automate FUE and make it more efficient. 

A Brief about HARRTS Hair Transplant Device 

HARRTS FUEsion-X is the latest hair transplant machine that aims to tackle challenges associated with FUT and manual FUE procedures. Some of the issues include damage of the hair grafts, low speed when performing the procedure, lack of high magnification, inability to understand hair orientation, efficiency, among others. How can the machine address these issues? 

Robotic Hair Transplant

First of all, the Robotic Hair Transplant Machine features a powerful AI camera with up to 50X magnification and a computer vision technology. These features will ensure improved visibility of the hair grafts and donor area. As such, the surgeon is able to harvest high quality and healthy hair grafts, making sure little or no hair grafts are damaged during the procedure. In addition, the hair transplant tool features a robotic arm that controls camera motions and guides the surgeon during extraction and implantation. This increases precision and accuracy, hence increasing chances of patients getting optimal results.  

What’s more, this advanced hair restoration machine has a hair transplant result simulation tool and AI graft implantation calculator. These features ensure that the surgeon knows the exact number hair grafts required for desired results. Also, the machine reduces procedure time by almost 50% as it automates most of the tasks. Most importantly, the Robotic Hair Transplant System is less invasive and patients recover faster compared to traditional hair transplant procedures. It is also enhanced with a follow-up software that helps in post-procedure monitoring.  

Advantages of Using HARRTS Hair Transplant Device 

The main advantage of using HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant device is to enhance efficiency and ensure patients get desired outcomes. By analyzing the donor and recipient areas, and harvesting only healthy hair grafts, there are high chances of getting best outcomes. Also, the procedure is done faster compared to manual FUE or FUT, but it depends on the extent of hair loss. Besides, the technique ensures that the surgeon does don’t bend down while working, hence avoiding postural fatigue which can leave room for errors. On top of that, patients treated using the HARRTS FUEsion-X device recover a little faster. 

Cost of Buying the Machine 

HARRTS FUEsion-X machine cost less than $150,000 USD. However, you may be required to pay shipping fees if you are importing the device from abroad. It is important to note that the price may vary from one state to the other. Also, dealers may offer the machine at different pieces. As such, do due diligence and compare the prices before you buy. You may save some dollars in the end. 

Final Words 

HARRTS FUEsion-X Hair Transplant Machine is the latest machine that has come to revolutionize the hair transplant sector. The machine reduces procedure time significantly, improves efficiency and ensures patients get fuller hair in the end. Besides, the machine is surgeon-friendly, making it easy to use. 


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