California is home to many educational institutions. When it comes to Orange Valley, there are many leading universities, colleges and other levels of schools. Costa Mesa is one of the cities where many of the institutions are located. On top of that, some of the leading Universities are located some miles away. Many students like Costa Mesa. This is as a result of many activities and top quality educational institutions in the area. Below is a detailed discussion of why many students like and live in Costa Mesa, CA.

Presence of high-quality education institutions

Costa Mesa is home to many leading schools and colleges. For that reason, many students come to the place to receive higher education. All the universities and colleges have professional lecturers who make sure that students become great persons after education. There are several universities in downtown Costa Mesa such as Vanguard University of Southern California, Orange Coast College and the University of Phoenix-California. There are other universities and colleges which are within a driving distance which include University of California-Irvine and Coastline Community college.

Presence of beautiful parks

College students are outgoing. They like to visit parks where they can hang out or enjoy some recreation activities. Costa Mesa is a perfect place for them as it is home to many parks. Students like the parks for their team building activities and enjoy activities like bike riding. Those who love fishing they also have a chance to do so in one of the parks in the area. Balboa Pier, Fairview Park, and TeWinkle Park are some of the leading parks in Costa Mesa that makes students like the city.

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Top quality restaurants and clubs

When it comes to food and drinks, university and college students will always pick a place with classic restaurants offering quality foods. Costa Mesa is a perfect place for them, and that is why they like the place. There are many dining places and clubs where they can have fun. Taco Maria, ARC, Portola Coffee, Din Tai Fung and Old Vine are some of the places that make students crazy. These places offer quality foods at affordable prices.

Quality of life

Everybody wants to live a quality life. This is the case of college students who want to live in places where the quality of life is good. Costa Mesa is a perfect place as the place offers conducive environment to do business, study and even relax. Many shopping complexes such as South Coast Plaza make life better for everybody including students. When it comes to sending and receiving letters and parcels, Costa Mesa post office hoursare well outlined for the many students who use post office services. On top of that, the cost of living is not high; thus enabling students to live quality lives.


From above it is evident that college students like Costa Mesa. The city has many things to offer to the students ranging from parks, classic restaurants to concert halls. With many universities in downtown Costa Mesa and surrounding areas, the city will always be liked by students.

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