Homes, restaurants and many other places require housekeepers. Housekeepers do a variety of jobs such as cleaning, preparing meals and even organizing and keeping rooms tidy. They are also in charge of taking care of equipment and make sure there are no inadequacies at their workplaces. Below is a brief discussion of the requirements, qualities, and roles of housekeepers.


Many employers offering housekeeping jobs in many parts of the world including India want persons who have experience in housekeeping. For you to get the jobs easily, you need to have at least two years’ experience and have recommendations that show you are hardworking and honest. Having a high school degree is enough but having undergone training is an added advantage.

Qualities employers look for in housekeepers

Housekeepers need to be honest, trustworthy and hardworking. On top of that, employers are looking for persons who have proper time management skills and ready to work under minimal or no supervision. Many employers are looking for employers with good conduct and healthy. Caring is a must as at many times the housekeepers will be dealing with people who need to be served with care and respect.


The primary role of housekeepers is to clean. They clean clothes, utensils and keep houses, restaurants, homes or workplace clean at all times. Also, they prepare and serve meals in many cases mostly when they are employed in homes. On top of that, they check stock levels of consumable products at their workplaces and replace them. The responsibilities vary from employer to employer. Therefore, employers will outline the roles they want the housekeepers to handle.


Housekeepers are important professionals. They assist people to live quality lives by offering assistance services in cleaning and other house duties. Their salaries are good, and many employers take the housekeepers as part of their family.

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