Every college student has a dream of getting a great job after completing studies. Well, to maximize those chances one need to score excellent grades, build a strong resume, and above all develop resourceful and strong networks. In most cases, landing a great job has three steps:

  1. You need an effective network which will your resume to be viewed by many decision makers.
  2. Well build strong resume lands you many interviews.
  3. You need to showcase outstanding interpersonal skills because those skills determine your fate.

In essence, your resume will get an interview, but opening or closing those chances of getting your dream job depends on your interpersonal skills. Many students make the mistakes of assuming that the four years of schooling is such a long time, but in reality, it is the opposite of that. Time flies and before you know it you have consulted dissertation coach for your final paper and boom you are out of college. Many can attest that through experience.

Therefore college students should prioritize their education above everything else because in any case you are in school to learn, that is your moment to build your future. Every minute counts and any time lost cannot be recovered. You should,however, have several companies in mind that you value the most working for, and list their years of experience.

Also, maximize your most vital experiences as it is significant in promoting your future potential, and highlight your strengths and weaknesses. A strong resume should highlight important details of your previous activities, internships, and jobs. Demonstrating those experiences should be done in form bullets, probably a minimum of three bullets and a maximum of seven bullet points.

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It is important to note that writing your resume in a subjective language and generalities will not only waste your job search but will also not land an interview. You need to quantify your impacts because in the eye the employer it shows that you are organized and this is a value that many organization seeks. For example, when asked in an interview to tell about yourself, do not generalize your answer by stating your names, where to live, stating marital status, naming spouses, family members, and friends. The interviewer knows you from your resume. What they need to know is how well can express yourself. Here is an example of what to say, currently, am working as an assistant to five of the ten executive members of the company including the CEO. I have been recognized on several occasions during my 12 years of working for my commitment to excellence, time management skills, and writing abilities.If you have other skills like dissertation editing skills always point them out.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind that no company would want to make a mistake when hiring new employees. Therefore, it is your job to make their work easier and fly on top by demonstrating your greatness in a manner that not selecting you as their best candidate will be a mistake. Also, you need to match the expectations of your resume because an interview invitation simply tells you that you are being considered and therefore how present in person should confirm your resume.

This Article Originally posted on January 3, 2020 @ 7:40 pm

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