Mirrex; Home of Smartest Makeup Mirrors

Makeup mirror industry has grown significantly in the last few decades. The industry is now making smart makeup mirrors. Some of these makeup mirrors have special features such as LED lights, wireless charging, 5X magnifying ability, among others. Mirrex is one of the leading companies making top quality and smartest makeup mirrors. We have a wide range of mirrors you can use any time anywhere. Below is a brief discussion of why we are the number one makeup mirror-making company in the industry.

Know what the makeup industry needs

When making our mirrors, we first consider what’s trending and what people want. Traditional makeup mirrors are only used during the day or well-lit places. As a result, we have developed makeup mirrors that can be used at night or in dark places. We know that people like attending parties or special events at night. For that reason, they need to apply makeup in the right way to enhance their beauty. On top of that, they may need to get rid of unwanted hair. Having a makeup mirror with light makes applying makeup and tweezing easy. We consider all that, and bring you what you want; makeup mirrors with lights.

Offer a wide range of advanced makeup mirrors

Mirrex has invested heavily in technology. For that reason, we make and sell highly advanced makeup mirrors. Our mirrors are portable and above all, highly durable. On top of that, many of our mirrors feature LED lights. This means that you can use our makeup mirrors anywhere at any time. One of our top mirrors is Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirrorwith Wireless Charging. This mirror is one of a kind as it can charge your smartphone.  In addition, the mirror features LED light.

Mirrex Touch Control Makeup Mirror is another unique mirror by Mirrex. This mirror features lights hence can be used at night, in the car, at the famous night club, among other places. It also features a smart feature that allows it to charge your smartphone in case your battery runs out of charge. More so, the mirror comes with high magnification power (5X) that allows you to see fine details on your face while applying makeup or tweezing. We have other mirrors like Mirrex Slide Touch Makeup Looks Mirror, Vanity Makeup Mirror, among others.

Why Choose Mirrex Mirrors?

Mirrex mirrors are made using advanced technology. For that reason, the mirrors come with LED light, 5X magnifying ability, touch sensor technology, wireless charging, among other features. On top of that, our mirrors are portable and come with unique velvet containers. As a result, you can easily carry them wherever you go. Furthermore, the light and high magnification power allow you to use them anywhere at any time.


Mirrex is the home of advanced and smart makeup mirrors. Our mirrors come with unique features ranging from LED light to wireless charging. On top of that, they are fingerprint resistant and easy to use. Mirrex Portable Lighted makeup Mirror, Mirrex Portable Lighted Mirror with wireless charging, Vanity makeup Mirror among others are some of the smartestmakeup mirrors offered by Mirrex. The mirrors are affordable and available online. Therefore, don’t be left behind; get yourself an advanced makeup mirror from Mirrex today.

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