Digital marketing has come with many advantages to b2b startups. Many of the startups are adopting the growth strategies that lead them to higher levels in the market. We know that series A funded startups look to gain traction in the market so that they can get the next funding to grow the company. On the other hand, series B funded startups need to scale their marketing to increase sales. The two startups have something in common which is to earn the love of ideal customers. For that reason, they need to come up with growth strategies that will help them grow their customer base.

Inbound marketing has come to help b2b startups to grow and expand. The growth strategies are cost-efficient and target to help the companies increase the leads they generate through the websites as well as other online platforms. On top of that the strategies target to increase conversationsbetween the buyer and the startups. For that reason, the strategies need to be well designed to make sure that the companies enjoy more leads as well as sales. Below is a detailed discussion of all you need to know about b2b marketing for startups including outbound marketing growth strategies.

Inbound marketing strategy for startups

Inbound marketing growth strategies target to help the startups to attract prospects and convert them into loyal customers. The first stage in this strategy is to understand your ideal buyers and know what they want in the market. You need to know the information they are looking for online and makes sure you avail it on your site. Make sure you come up with contents of high quality that is relevant and educative to your target customers. The strategy involves blogging that helps your website get to the first page of search engines such as Google. Also, videos are used to attract the ideal customers who use YouTube to search for services/products.

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When coming up with content for the attraction stage, you need not be promotional. Make sure that your content provides solutions to many problems that affect your ideal customers. Make sure you offer premium contents to makes that you transform visitors to your website to leads. On top of that nurture the leads and convert them into real customers using conversations though messaging, emailing and creating landing pages.

Outbound marketing growth strategies for b2b startups

For you to have an effective strategy, you need to combine outbound and inbound marketing strategies to help your startup grow significantly. Lead nurturing is needed to make sure that the company website converts more leads to real buyers.  On top of that, the startups need to adopt strategies such as PPC to ensure that they get more customers from the ideal customers who click their ads.


B2b startups need to check the page authority of specific pages of their website. You can use to know how various pages of your website are doing compared to your competitors. This enables you to adjust your strategy to get ahead of your competitors on online platforms. When you combine the strategies well and have the right team to make the strategies work, your startup has all the reasons to grow.

This Article Originally posted on January 2, 2020 @ 2:33 pm

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