There are many sites you can read great stories. Most of the sites are to give those people who love reading to find interesting stories that give them understanding other places. is one of the best sites where you can find best and entertaining travel stories, growing up in and many other stories from all parts of the world. The articles are submitted by people with real experiences, and the site makes sure that the stories are of high quality. Below is a brief discussion of some stories you can find in and why this is that best blog for travel stories.

Entertaining growing up in Stories

People have different experiences when growing up. You may want to find out the growing experience in a certain city or village in the world. offers you a chance to search for the growing up in stories you want to read. You may want to how it feels to grow up in big cities like Shanghai or a certain village in an Africa country. You will find all growing up in stories from all parts of the world, explain how life is in those specific areas.

Top quality travel stories

Many people like traveling. When you read entertaining stories that describe various experiences when traveling and thing to do in different parts of the world you get to learn many things. On top of that if you love traveling there many travel guide stories on the site that will help you if you want to visit certain places. The stories include leading hotels, types of foods and artworks present in specific places. The guides and travels stories are of high quality, and all of them are humorous. They will make you feel like you have visited the place as they pay attention to all details and are highly informative.

Informative ‘living in’ stories is the best that has informative stories for many people who share their living stories on different parts of the world. You want to find out how life is in Chiang Mai, Thailand or any other part of the world, you will find it on this site. In the living in stories, you will learn many things such as customs and ways of lives in specific cities as well as villages. The stories are well written and verified by staff.

Easy to share your story

If you have entertaining growing up in, living in or travel stories you want to share with others, is the best site for you. You just need to write a high-quality article of the story and submit it to the leading blog for publishing. The story will be shared worldwide.On the other hand, the site is easy to use for people searching for specific stories.

Conclusion has proved to be the leading site for living in, growing up in and travel stories. The stories are of high quality, and all of them are highly informative. On top of that, authors are encouraged to make their stories as humorous as possible. Therefore, if you have a story to share or searching for entertaining stories to read, visit

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