Many organizations and business are using data to make decisions. This has not been the case for the last few decades. For that reason, many companies offer database administrator jobs to streamline their operations. Database administrators are in charge of database software purchases and oversee the modification of the software to meet the needs of their companies or employers. As a result, they are much needed in companies that mostly rely on data such as insurance, content providers as well as finance companies.

Education and training requirement

Database administrators need to be highly educated. For that reason, they should have a degree in IT or computer science. The degree should be supplemented with advanced education and certifications required to work as a database expert. Many companies or organizations are looking for highly learned professionals with at least three years of experience. Having certifications specializing in various database management systems is an added advantage.

Skills employers look for in database administrators

Database administrators need to have top quality skills that help their employers keep data securely. They should also help the companies to have well designed and up-to-date database management systems. They should have knowledge of SQL and MySQL. They should have a vast knowledge of database queries, theory as well as database design. Further, they should have the expertise to install, update, keep the database secure and ensure it runs efficiently at all times.


Database administrators are much needed in every industry. They do excellent jobs to keep the companies databases secure and operational. They also help the companies to make the right decisions that rely on data. Their salaries are good, and if you consider working as a database administrator, it is a good career provided you work hard to get the right training and experience.

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