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Live escape room games are increasingly taking over the entertainment industry. Many people are searching for perfect places in NYC where they can play the live games. Escape Entertainment is the place where you can get best escape room NYC games. We have the best escape room games designed by professionals. The games are entertaining and provide an opportunity for team building. Many clients have been playing in our venue and say that we are the best thing that has happened for escape room game lovers in NYC. Below is a brief discussion of why we have become a leader when it comes to best escape room NYC games.

Offer exceptional escape room games

People want high standard live escape room games; entertaining and challenging ones. Experts ranging from designers, psychologists to mathematicians work as a team to design our games. They come up with games that need teamwork to win. Alien Attack, Manhattan Mayhem, and Prohibition Pandemonium are some of the live escape room games we offer to NYC residents and people visiting the beautiful city. The games are well designed to make sure that players think and find the escape route. Most of our games are designed for workgroups, families, schools, and friends who want to enjoy indoor games.

Have properly designed venue

When people come for a live escape room game, they need to find classic rooms. At Escape Entertainment, we have well-designed rooms that provide an immersive experience. We want our players to enjoy our games. Having game rooms that have beautiful colors accompanied by classic artworks done by professional decoratorshas enabled us to get more clients every day. On top of that our rooms are spacious to accommodate ten individuals. Therefore, if you are looking for best escape room NYC, come to us, and you will enjoy our top quality games played in a stylish venue in NYC.

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We have an exceptional staff

When playing escape room games, many people need help. We don’t allow people to use their mobile phones. Therefore, players should consult our able team for any assistance. Our staff will guide you on how to play, and in case of any other support you may need while playing, they are ready to help you.

Easy to make a reservation

When you want to come and enjoy our best escape room NYC games, you can easily book. You need to visit our website and book the room and the game you want. Our games are well scheduled; therefore, it is easy to book the game you want to play with your family, friends or workmates. You can also buy tickets some minutes before the game. You can also call us to make your booking.


Escape Entertainment is the place to go if you want to enjoy a night out in NYC. Our best escape room NYC games will keep you busy and entertained all night. Our games are well crafted and designed to challenge you and your friends. Therefore, if you are searching for a place to enjoy best escape room NYC games, visit Escape Entertainment.

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