QuickBooks is an elite accounting suite that currently offers many users to keep track of their businesses, small or medium. Irrespective of the many great features QuickBooks offers, the software bugs might still keep popping up like alarm bells. “QuickBooks connection has been lost” error code may hit anytime on the user’s screen during hectic schedules which makes it even tedious to work within QuickBooks application causing downtimes. The aforementioned error might hit whenever the users try to open the company files in the QuickBooks application. That usually happens if the QuickBooks Database Server Manager has been stopped in the background due to being interrupted by another program or service. It has other underlying reasons as well and it could generally be fixed using certain techniques which are all stated in the subsequent blogs topics.

On the other hand, the “QuickBooks connection has been lost” error code may occur occasionally while accessing company files. It could be resolved using basic techniques stated in the post. However, if you have a query regarding the error, call the toll-free number 855-856-0042 for a better resolution.

Reasons which could make the error “QuickBooks connection has been lost” trigger into action

  1. The QuickBooks Database Server process has been halted by another program in the background.
  2. QuickBooks product user is having is not updater for a longer time to the newest version.
  3. Some of the permissions allocated for the user are inefficient for him to access certain folders or files.
  4. User has one’s data in the company files impaired due to unknown reasons due to which one is obstructed access to the files.
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Viable measures to help obviate error “QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost”

Solution-1: Check for internet network connectivity

It is recommended that users should have a wired internet connection installed by their respected internet service providers (ISPs) and not the wireless connection or wifi as QuickBooks doesn’t guarantee better results using the latter connection.

  1. Close the ‘QuickBooks’ application.
  2. Try accessing a file or saving a sample file to make sure the server is working fine by making a sample excel and word processing file and then erasing it later on the same PC.
  3. In case the user is prompted while doing the operations mentioned in the above step, do verify you have access to all the required files and folders in Windows.

If in case the above solution doesn’t work for any reason, you need to restart your workstation as well as the server PCs to fix the aforementioned error.

Here, we have landed after our blog. We hope that all the necessary information which is conveyed in the written blog about the error code “QuickBooks connection has been lost” error code will prove helpful to fulfill the gap between users looking for solutions and self troubleshooting to make sure to resolve the error at once. We believe that the user’s queries were addressed and responded to in the best possible way we could through our blog. However, if you require external help during troubleshooting, call the toll-free number 855-856-0042 for a bit of a better technical resolution.

This Article Originally posted on December 27, 2021 @ 11:04 pm

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