If you wanted to achieve the ultimate that you are entitled to in online presence for your business or brand; then you have to come to the party with measures that will make your website stand out. The effective manipulation of optimizing GIF ads on your site will go all the way to give you the desired edge over your competitors. 

If you wanted to use GIF for the development of your business line of operations, there are some parameters that you must consider to achieve the best results. The online users of today do not have the patience for files that takes a longer time to load. Where a file takes more than 3 seconds to load; you can be sure of losing about 36% of your audience.

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The larger the files, the more duration it will take in loading. So what should be the effective way to overcome this problem? The way out is to work out a regime that will bring down the size of the file. If you wanted to professionally reduce the weight of your GIF file, the following steps can be taken to effectively achieve the expected results:

The number of heavy effects: One of the strategies that you can use to bring down heavy files is to minimize the number of heavy effects. All elements that will not have a definite bearing on the material must be done away with. The removal of a running cursor; the active shadows that are added to the headlines and flashes of fireworks will do the trick. 

Several photos: The high-quality photos add to the heaviness of the files. You can go ahead and optimize the photos by reducing the quality. When you lower the quality to the range of between 95-85%; it will be easy to achieve reduce the heaviness of your file. It is not obvious to the untrained eyes and it will not influence your advert campaign.

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Rainbow and clowns: Another measure that you can use to achieve the best results in your goal of optimizing GIF ads is to work on your rainbow and clowns. When you put in all the colors of the rainbow in a single animation, it is an invitation to rowdiness. When you opt for a global color pallet for all banner frames, you are going to arrive at a safe harbor. Avoid the temptation of opting for a personalized color pallet because it will do not than adding to the heaviness of your file. The desired coverage that you longed after will not even be achieved; as such, it is best if you remove rainbow and clowns from your files. It will help a fast download and you will be sure of retaining the loyalty of your audience.

The text: The last but not the least of the strategies that we shall be looking at is the text standard. The transmission is carried out in PNG and JPG formats which does more harm than good to the advertised banner. When you take the option of embedding text in the image; you are going to achieve a soft landing that will be in favor of your advert campaign. This will provide the soft landing to shorten the file and in essence, bring down the heaviness of the file to rock bottom. 


Where your file is too heavy, it will not be easy to command the loyalty of the customers. The download that takes longer than some microseconds will not attract customers. The optimized GIF ads that you have above will save the day for any vendor that desires the best. 

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