Many businesses across the world are investing heavily in marketing strategies. Some strategies are cost-efficient and more effective than others. Inbound marketing strategies have proved to be effective over other marketing strategies in helping b2b startups to grow. Inbound marketing plans involve that use of content and online platforms to reach and get more customers. When the contents are developed in the right way, there is no doubt that your website will have organic traffic that you can convert into leads.

Inbound marketing strategies come in different stages. There is attract, convert, close and delight. If these stages are done by the right team, your b2b startup has all the reasons to grow within a short period. Different contents are used in every stage to make sure that everything runs smoothly. When it comes to keywords, there are keyword rank checker tools. Sure Oak has the tool that you can access through keyword rank checker, and you will be able to check the position of your website landing pages. Below is a detailed discussion of all you need to know about the strategies that you can use to help your b2b startup grow in a competitive market.

Inbound marketing plan for startups

Inbound marketing has come to help companies make more sales easily through effective marketing strategies. The plan involves that use of online platforms such as websites and social media platforms like Facebook o interact with ideal customers and convert them into real customers. The plan comes in several stages which include attracting convert, close and delight. During the stages that companies develop contents of high quality which is different in every stage. The first stage involves blogging and use of high-quality videos. This helps the company’s website to attract ideal customers and above that get good ranking on search engines such as Google. After that, the company develops and offers premium contents that help to convert visitors to leads. Conducting webinar is also done to help in building trust which makes your startup a good option for the ideal customers.

Outbound marketing strategies

It is advisable to combine inbound and outbound marketing in B2B marketing for startups. Outbound marketing strategies that you can use is pay-per-click. This helps the startups to attract ideal clients who click on their ads. PPC is cost effective and can play a significant role in attracting real customers. Lead nurturing is also essential to keep the leads and convert them into customers. You need to use emails, messages and have meetings to create conversations that can help you convert the leads to buyers. At this stages make sure that the content is not promotional and is of significant benefits to your leads.


From above it is evident that inbound and outbound marketing strategies can be combined to help a b2b startup to grow in a competitive market. The strategies target to increase traffic on the startup’s website. The traffic is then utilized to get leads and consequently buyers through the website. This helps the startup to grow and remain competitive in a crowded market.

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