Just owning a mini laptop or any other similar device does not automatically solve all the problems related to working on the move. You also need to consider various accessories to get the maximum out of your time and device. Let me just point to some accessories that might interest you.

Wireless Mouse: Touch screen technology has recently revolutionized the way we interact with computers. Still mouse remains the most used technology for interacting with electronic devices like laptops, netbooks, mini notebooks etc. A mouse is traditionally connected to a laptop through a wire, however, using the latest technology it can also be connected through a wireless link. A mouse which uses this technology to interact with the laptop is commonly known as wireless laptop mouse. It allows a person to conveniently work on the move without the hassles of wires.

Typically, a wireless mouse uses RF technology for interacting with the laptop. A small transmitter is in-built in the mouse, sending signals to a receiver attached to the laptop. The receiver decodes the signals of the mouse movement and performs the requested actions.

One of best products in this field is a wireless mouse from Logitech and is known as Logitech VX Nano Laser mouse. It has a plug-and–forget receiver which connects to the USB port of a laptop and the mouse is ready for use. This wireless mouse uses the 2.4GHz advanced cordless technology for effortless scrolling and navigation. The small receiver and the included travel case make it ideal for mobile use.

Battery & Power: All electronic devices need power to operate and this power is supplied either through a wire from a wall socket or from a battery connected to the device. Portable electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, netbooks, mini notebooks etc are all battery powered. These batteries are re-chargeable and come in-built with the respective devices. These internal batteries come in all shapes and sizes and work only with a particular model. So a battery from HP Mini laptop cannot be used with Dell Inspiron Mini notebook.

If you are an extensive laptop user, these batteries do not last long and frequently need re-charging, which is not always possible especially if you are traveling. One solution to this problem is to have batteries with more cells to increase the time between recharges. However, this also increases the weight of the mobile device and is thus not preferred by everyone.

This problem can be solved to an extent by using external laptop batteries. You can choose to carry an external laptop battery together with your laptop depending on the amount of working time required between recharges. The technology associated with these batteries has greatly improved and the latest models are now available with universal recharging and with automatic voltage selection facilities. Meaning you can use these external batteries to charge most of the available laptop models. Moreover, some of the batteries also provide an extra USB output port so that a second device like mobile phone or iPod can be charged simultaneously.

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