If you are a client or a services provider company, SEO Agency plays an appreciable part in digital marketing for businesses. No doubt, most marketers will agree with this fact. . However, it becomes effective only if it can deliver results that are valuable to the business. It doesn’t matter if you hire a digital agency, freelancer, or in-house SEO. You are wasting your resources if you are not tracking these results. If you do not hold them accountable, and most importantly, if you do not know how to measure SEO performance. Nothing will have much effect. But why exactly track your SEO results? Let’s take a systematic look at the fact that measuring your SEO performance. No doubt is not only important but also the basis of your entire marketing efforts.

Why SEO Measurement-Crucial for Your Business?

Investing in SEO doesn’t mean the following vanity metrics that you don’t even understand. This means investing in a medium that has the maximum driving force in the business and has incredible potential.

Basically, by measuring your SEO performance you are getting answers to 3 questions that are extremely valuable to your business.

Is Business Growth Possible without SEO?

No matter which SEO Agency for digital marketing you are targeting, the ultimate goal is always to grow your business. Be it short-term or long-term, direct or indirect, the ultimate goal is to grow strong roots for business in the market. By measuring SEO KPI’s in this way, you are directly measuring how effective SEO is in helping you achieve your business goals.

Is SEO cost efficient-for you?

It’s always nice to rank some pages better and give your site a better user experience, however, what’s the point, if your SEO is effective for you? With a little understanding of SEO KPIs, the average business owner will be able to recognize that SEO is producing results for their business.

Do you think SEO is the right marketing perspective for you?

It depends on how you are attaining your business goals and the progress you are seeing in terms of SEO KPIs, you can answer you if SEO was the right approach for your business. The key variable factor here will be industries. Also, if you look at it in comparison to other marketing channels (SEO, social media, emails, etc.), you will know exactly what area you need to measure in the future for most progress.

Is KPIs Suitable for Constructive SEO Measurement?

Obviously, we have considered the measurable value of SEO results. The question, however, is, how will the average non-technical business owner know what “results mean when it comes to SEO? If you have invested your time and energy in SEO, what key performance indicators (KPI’s) should you know?

Ranking of Keywords

Nothing is clearer than keyword ranking. Still, for those who are unaware; Keyword ranking is the position your web pages are displaying for relevant targeted queries. For instance, your target keyword was Acne Cream, and let suppose your website was ranking on page 8 in the initial stage, a few months after it would be in a better position. Obviously, everyone will wish to rank his website on the 1st result for all his targeted keywords. In spite of hiring an SEO Agency, this will not happen. Some of your keywords will be ranked higher and some may not even make it to the first page. But if collectively your keywords are ranking well (or improving) overall

Back Links Boost SEO Performance

Backlinks are designated as the most important and often the top 3 foremost ranking factor when it comes to SEO. Backlinks state forwardly links from other websites pointing to your site. If you are hoping to get free visitors from search engines like Google and Yahoo, then backlinks are crucial for your website. We count backlinks when websites link to one another. Search engines acknowledge when websites link to one another and consequently consider that website more deserving of appearing in your search engine.

 Get Organic Search Traffic

We use the term “organic traffic” for referring the users that visit your website as an unpaid search results. Organic visitors find your website with the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So, other websites don’t refer to them. Obviously, we know that business owners and SEOs both wish for unpaid or organic traffic for their investment in SEO services. In fact, a high ranking of keywords is nothing more than an indicator of your website getting more organic traffic. Organic traffic can be tracked if your website includes a tracking code that you want to track with any tool. One can give a reason that organic traffic is a very important metrics to track when it comes to SEO. Surely, all of these people are real people. They visit your website with specific intent for their products.

CTR—Primary Metrics for SEO Performance

Click-through rate is unconvincingly important for any SEO Agency’s performance. It is a primary metrics visible in the search Google analytics. The simplest definition is that the click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it. (Mathematically: CTR = clicks/ impressions)With Organic SEO and Adwords, your CTR is really a key element of your quality score.   In SEO, your CTR is going to determine if you maintain your rankings. Basically, you can think of Google (and more broadly, all search engines) as a democracy: people click and vote. So your CTR will really determine your success.

going to determine if you maintain your rankings. Basically, you can think of Google (and more broadly, all search engines) as a democracy: people click and vote. So your CTR will really determine your success.

Drive Better Result with Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is user-metric which leads to high or low search engine ranking. In a high bounce rate, the users visit your website and at once bounces back to search results. The bounce rate is often assessed as an average of the bounce rate per lading page for the entire website. If users visit your website and visit different pages and then close the browser, it will mean that they will never bounce back. It shows that they visited your website, got the answers to their questions, and left. This will be the case if visitors return to the search engine but this time type a completely different question.


Certainly, SEO Agency plays an important role as a services provider company. Above mentioned Key Performance Indicators are crucial for the growth of businesses. So, few points to keep in mind for running your SEO Company:

  • Set comprehensible goal and action plan
  • Reports of monthly performance

We’ve got you hired to measure our shared KPI. You’ll benefit greatly from discussing your SEO campaign with this agency.

Do you want help with your SEO? We are a results-oriented digital marketing agency that believes in SEO that drives your business, not just keywords in search results.

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