An office desk harbors approximately 11 million bacteria. The figure is worrying as it’s 400 times more than what’s found on an ordinary toilet seat. As a result, you need to keep your office desk clean to keep bacteria and other germs at bay. Many people think that cleaning the floor is enough, but you need to wipe desks, doorknobs, and other surfaces frequently touched. Continue reading to know ways to keep your office clean and organized.

Organize Desks and Declutter the Office

A well-organized office motivates employees, and makes customers happy. For that reason, you need to organize your office desk. The starting point is to declutter the office. You need to archive all old files.  In addition, if you have old devices like desktops, broken phones, among others, you should remove them too. You can donate those in good condition to needy institutions, and discard those damaged beyond repair.  After that, your office will have few items, and will be easy to organize. A well-organized office desk and office will look clean and organized.

Empty Trash Daily

Most offices generate a lot of printed paper wastes. In addition to waste print papers, plastic as well as food wastes end up in the dustbin. If you don’t empty your office trash daily, you are likely to see pest like cockroaches and rats in your office. You need to empty the trash daily, and clean the trash cans thoroughly. As a result, you will prevent bad odor, germs build up, and even pest infestation in to your clean office.

Wipe Surfaces and Clean the Floor More Often

If you want to keep your office clean and organized, you need to clean the floor regularly.  Floor accumulates dust and dirt that end up in other surfaces. Cleaning it more often will help reduce dust build up in the office. In addition, wipe windows, monitors, walls and other things in the office. Also, if you want to beat infections like flue in the office, you need to wipe office surfaces touched frequently. You should wipe doorknobs, switches, office desks, and keyboards. Remember to use disinfectants when wiping some of the surfaces.

Hide Electrical Wires and Chargers

If your office has wires all over, it’s not only risky but also a sign of untidiness. If you want your employees and customers to feel at home in your office, you need hide all the wires and chargers. You can use a surge protector to keep the wires together. You can as well use binders, or adhesive cable clips to hold and hide all electrical, internet, and computer cables under the table. Additionally, you can use high quality rugs to cover the wires on the floor.  

Hire Professional Office Cleaners for Thorough Cleaning

Once in a while, you need to deep clean your office. You may not have the equipment, cleaning products and expertise to clean your office from top to bottom. You need to look for a reputable company offering quality office cleaning Melbourne services. When you hire the right cleaning company, your office will be cleaned thoroughly using environmentally-friendly cleaning products. In addition, the cleaning professionals will organize your office. As a result, your office will not only look clean but also organized.

Final Words

Keeping your office clean and organized can improve employee productivity and prevent spread of infections like flue. Regularly wipe your office desk, empty trash daily, and declutter your office are essential steps to start with. Also, consider deep office cleaning Melbourne once in a while, and your office will look clean and organized always.

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