No matter how cautious you are, accidents can happen at work. No one plans for the accidents and they can leave you in a financial crisis. You will need to take care of medication and treatment. On top of that, you may not be able to work for some time as you recover. You can be able to recover the lost wages and even claim benefits that can help you take care of your treatments and recovery. For you to get your benefits, you need to hire the best workers compensation attorney Phoenix. This can help you to speed up the claim process, and you can get the benefits you deserve.

When to claim benefits from Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability?

If you are involved in an accident while at work, and no one is to blame, neither you nor your employer, you can claim your benefits from Workers’ Compensation. As no-fault insurance, it protects employers from lawsuits and you from suing your employer for the accident. If the accident causes serious injuries that require medical attention, you can seek medication, and you can get compensation for your medical expenses. You can also file a claim to get paid for the lost wages if you missed work as a result of the accident.

If an accident leads to disability and your life takes a new turn, things can get tough. If you cannot be able to work again as a result of the disability caused by accident, you can claim benefits from Social Security Disability. It is not easy. That is why you need the best team of lawyers to help you. The benefits will help you take care of your family and live a quality life, no matter the disability.

How do you go about it

  • Have all the medical bills and doctors report

These are the main documents that can help you get your benefits. After the accident, you need to seek treatment and keep all the treatment records, bills, as well as the doctor’s report. The documents will help to prove that you incurred injuries that cost you money. On top of that, the doctor’s note will give information about the number of months you need to rest to recover. This will help calculate the lost wages.

  • Hire the best workers compensation attorney Phoenix

After having all that, you need to hire the best law firm with the best lawyers to help you get the benefits you deserve from Workers’ Compensation. The lawyers will first listen to you, check your documents and will represent you in the best way possible until you get your benefits. Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC is a leading law firm offering the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Phoenix and surrounding areas.


It is not easy to get benefits from Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability. You need to have an experienced team of workers’ compensation lawyers to represent you. Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC is a top law firm in Arizona offering top and experienced workers compensation attorneys. The lawyers will help you get the benefits you need most.

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