Are you scoring lower than the cut-off marks in the grammar portion of the PTE exam? Aspirants often don’t understand why they frequently obtain much lower marks when they are confident about grammar skills!

If you want to achieve your targeted score, you should try to focus on all the parameters. If you are constantly falling for poor grammar skills, you couldn’t make it up! Hence, you need some top-notch tips for improving grammar skills to attain a better score.

So, without wasting much time, let’s talk about why you get a lower grammar score and what you need to make improvements to? Let’s get started!

How is PTE grammar scored?

Do you want to know how to be better in that particular area? Before this, we should identify how the marks are calculated. The top three sections are shown below in which your grammar scores depend on:

Stages of PTETypeCriterion 
Part-ISpeaking and writingSummarize written text
Part-II Essay
Part-IIIListening Summarize spoken text

In the reading section, the focus is more on the pronunciation and flow of words. Therefore, you should cross-check your grammar in the questions in the other 3 sections to acquire the most of it. To track your grammar performance, you can practice with a real-time PTE full mock test with score.

PTE illustrates that grammar is analyzed by checking if the examiner has utilized appropriate language in terms of word order and structure.

So, individually, grammar is scored between 0-2, and it indicates that:

  • You exhibit consistent control on intricate grammar with minimum to zero errors: achieve max marks or 2
  • You have pretty good grammar knowledge with fewer errors. However, such errors don’t provide misinterpretation. To put it simply, good correct grammar and everyone can understand it. So, the average mark will be 1
  • Innumerable mistakes in elementary grammar happened. So, 0 to no marks were obtained!

Hence, such individual scores gradually contribute to the Grammar score on this Enabling skill section on a scale of 10-90.

How to boost your PTE grammar skills scores?

Have you understood the issues with your grammar? So, it’s time for development! Besides taking PTE Online Coaching, this is how you can boost your PTE grammar scores, which are shown below:

  • Crosscheck several times to ensure there are zero basic grammar errors before submission.
  • Often punctuation errors or wrong usage will lead to lower scores. Therefore, you have to practice and understand the proper use of punctuation.
  • A hard-to-read sentence and a lengthy one may also hamper your score. So, know the appropriate usage of transition words and give a full stop after completion.
  • You should incorporate some intricate grammar structures into your write-up. Because too simplistic a writing style may lead to average marks.
  • Never write down a vague sentence, which does not make any sense. Therefore, it is necessary to recheck the entire write-up to evade the error.
  • Most students often avoid the apostrophe. But, it is inevitable for proper sentence meaning.
  • You may find yourself utilizing various pronouns as nouns can’t be used repetitively! However, you need to be sure that the indication is evident.For example, ‘He suddenly visited his father, he is delighted.’ Well, who’s this happy here? The correct sentence will be: ‘His father was delighted when he visited him.’

Bonus Tips for PTE Aspirants

Not that you are here, read these 2 tips from previous PTE Aspirants who did excellent at Grammar in their exam:

  1. PTE practice test sites can help you improve your grammar. However, make sure that you sign up for a website with updated content and a reliable scoring method, in order to practice well.
  2. If you are not able to do well in PTE Mock Tests and lagging in preparation, PTE Online Coaching options are always open. Good tutors can significantly help you in improving your grammar.

Concluding words

These are the top-notch ways mentioned above, which must be beneficial for you to get a better score on the PTE grammar. The primary consideration is to keep practicing in the correct way to fetch success quickly. Learn through your mistakes and rectify them, and score higher marks than anyone.

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