Are you looking for the best place in New York City where you can play live escape the room games? If yes, Escape Entertainment has proved to be the place for best escape the room NYC games. The place has been receiving all kinds of customers ranging from tourists to residents. We are the only place in New York City where you can enjoy a variety of entertaining and challenging escape the room games. Our games are of high quality as they encourage negotiation and teamwork. The following is a brief discussion of why Escape Entertainment is the excellent venue for best escape the room NYC games.

Have an extraordinary venue

All escape the room game lovers want a place that is safe and beautiful. As a result, we have made sure that our venue is beautiful. We hired professional decorators to ensure that our game rooms and reception area look amazing. They used different colors and artworks to come up with a mixture that every client likes. On top of that, all our game rooms are spacious. We want clients to have ample space when they are finding the escape route. The venue is large enough for groups that come to team build.

Offer exceptional live escape the room games

The best thing about our live escape the room games is that they are designed by highly experienced professionals. A team of psychologists, behaviorists and professional game designers develops our games. This makes sure that the games are challenging and at the same time enjoyable. All our games encourage clients to think, negotiate and work as a team to win. This is the best thing for team building as well as family bonding.

One of our best escape the room NYC games is Prohibition Pandemonium. This game requires players to escape from the arm of the law. Cops are on the front door and want to arrest you. It will depend on your teamwork and sharpness to find the secret back exit.  Alien Attack is another exciting escape the room game that we offer. The game expects customers to escape from a life-threatening force. We also have Manhattan Mayhem which requires you to rescue a city that is under siege. Finally, we have a brand new game; The Master Mind which every person wants to play. Each game takes 60 minutes.

Top quality customer service

Escape Entertainment has hired trained and experienced personnel. This makes sure that all our clients are well taken care of and assisted any time they need help. The team welcomes all our clients with respect and guide them on how to play our live escape the room games. We aim to help our clients enjoy the games to the fullest. Also, the team responds to all queries that we receive via emails, calls, and messages.


Escape Entertainment has proved to be a leader when it comes to best escape the room NYC games. We have a highly trained team that will help you enjoy our escape the room games. We have made sure that booking is easy and charges are pocket-friendly. Therefore, visit us today for best escape the room NYC games, and you will not be disappointed.

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