Series A or B funded startups are working hard to earn the love of ideal customers. The startups need to attract and convert prospects into real customers. For that reason, they need great strategies that can help them realize this objective and consequently grow within a short period. Inbound and outbound marketing strategies, when combined into one marketing campaign, is what these startups require. When you combine the two strategies, you will come up with a startup marketing strategy that will not disappoint you and your team. Below is a brief discussion of the two strategies that will enable your startup either series A or B funded to grow significantly.

Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing strategy has become popular in the marketing world. The strategy is helping companies to make more sales and reach more ideal customers. The strategy requires the startup to have a well-designed website where they can use quality content to reach a wide population of ideal customers. After having a well-designed website, high-quality content is used on the website to attract more visitors to the websites. After attracting more visitors, premium content is used to educate and make the visitors visit the website more often. On top of that, the content is used to get vital information about the ideal customers and to convert them into qualified leads.

After attracting, and converting visitors into leads, the startup should come up with content that has call-to-action and quick links that can direct the leads to more informative contents. After that conducting webinar is necessary to educate prospects further. Also, webinars allow you to discuss many things with the prospects and that enables them to have trust in your brand and can easily buy the services/products.

Outbound marketing growth strategy

Outbound marketing strategies are interruptive. For that reason, you need to use some outbound marketing strategies with an inbound marketing mindset. It is important to nurture the leads that you have generated through inbound marketing strategy. You need to send the leads emails that are educative and beneficial to them. The content you send should be laser focused on your target customers’ wants and needs.

Pay-per-click is another outbound marketing strategy that you can use to generate more leads for your business. You can use ads that direct clients to your website. The secret behind PPC is that you need to have a website that is updated regularly and has relevant and engaging contents. This will help your business get the ideal clients who come to your website through the ads and convert them into real buyers. PPC is cost effective and will help you close some deals.


Startups are investing heavily in hiring marketing experts who can help their businesses to grow. Series A or B funded startups need to go for cost-effective marketing strategies that can help them gain ground in the market. Combining inbound and outbound marketing is the best option for the startups. Therefore, use the above strategies and your startup with grow significantly within a short period.

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