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End of Tenancy Cleaning Mistakes You Should Look Out For

Moving out can be a stressful process. It involves looking for a new place, organizing moving of your items, cancelling utilities and most imrpotnaly, leaving your rental property clean if you want to get your deposit from the landlord. You need to be smart to ensure you pass the inspection with your clerk or landlord. You Can DIY or hire a company for end of tenancy cleaning Brackley. No matter the case, here are common mistakes you should look out for or avoid. 

Trying to DIY 

You may decide to DIY cleaning, but that is not the best option. When cleaning the rental property on your own, you may miss some places and items. Besides, you may not have all the cleaning equipment, tools and products. The best bet is to hire professionals to do the job for you. Professional tenancy cleaners know what landlords will be looking for during the inspection and have the equipment and products to do a thorough job. The will ensure you pass the inspection test in the end. 

Not Cleaning your property regularly 

To make your tenancy cleaning much easier, you need to clean your home once in a while. Also, before you move out you can clean your house to reduce cleaning tasks that will be done by the cleaning company. This will help reduce the cost of professional cleaning. Before the provider accepts the job, they have to insect the rental property so as to know what they will charge you. The cost is directly proportional to how big the cleaning task is.  

Not cleaning some items 

It is essential to note that end of tenancy cleaning Brackley should include deep cleaning of almost everything. Most companies work on spaces, carpets and the compound, and forget the household items such as oven, dishwashers, and more. If these items are not thoroughly cleaned, you will fail the final inspection. As such, before the final inspection you should inspect the property yourself to ensure everything is sparkling clean. If you find any mistake, you should tell them to correct before the main inspection. 

Leaving out the outside areas of the property   

Most cleaners put more emphasis on the interior and forget about the outside areas. Outside areas such as packing, balconies, backyards and patios can easily be overlooked.  Most of these areas are targeted by the landlords and there is no way they may not realize they are not cleaned as expected. You may be required to do the job again for best results.  

Not having a completely empty home prior to the cleaning 

If you haven’t completely emptied your apartment, you may make tenancy cleaning a bit difficult.  Cleaners must keep on moving the items making cleaned places dirtier. As such, it is essential to remove all the items except the carpet which will be washed in the end of the process. 

Not researching more about the cleaning companies 

Hiring a tenancy cleaning company is the way to go. However, if you don’t research more about the available companies, you are likely to choose a wasteful company. As such, the job will be done in unprofessional way, and you will be disappointed in the end. Therefore, read more about the companies, check their reviews, and ask people for recommendations, and you will choose a reputable provider. 

Final Words 

Hiring the right end of tenancy cleaning company will ensure you have guaranteed best results in the end. As such, consider the above information and your rental property will be cleaned in the right way to ensure you get your bond back. 


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