Best Sites for Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is essential for mental as well as physical health. You can learn yoga through various methods. One of the methods is visiting a yoga studio. This may be an expensive method and that is why many people are turning to best sites for online yoga classes. Most of these sites have experts who train you on various yoga practices. You just need to register on their sites and start receiving tutorials. It is convenient to learn yoga classes online. Many sites are available and you need to select the one that suits your budget as well as needs. Below is detailed discussion of best sites for online yoga classes.

Dan Bursch

This is one of the best sites to learn yoga. They have certified yoga instructors who are ready and determined to help you learn various yoga practices and postures. Also, when it comes to classes, they offer many classes through which their clients can practice yoga in the comfort of their homes. Dan Bursch will definitely help you have total control of your powers, improve you mental as well as physical health thanks to their online yoga classes.


This is another site where you can learn over 300 yoga classes. The classes are recorded at Yogateke’s Studio in Uppsala, Sweden.Yogateket offers a wide range of online classes which can be filtered based on style, focus, level and duration. Mostly they specialize on yoga for beginners, and have a huge selection of meditation, Pranayama and various styles of yoga such as Hatha yoga, yoga strength, yoga workouts among others.

Yoga Vibes

Yoga Vibes is another top site where you can learn various online yoga classes. It is a one-stop-site for a wide range of yoga exercises. Some of the classes feature vinyasa style. You can choose your classes based on instructor, duration, difficult and style. They have a 15-day free trial and when satisfied, you can pay either monthly or annually for the classes.

Yogis Anonymous

This is a top site that has a studio at Santa Monica. Yogis Anonymous has over 1000 yoga classes you can chose from. On top of that, they have short as well as long tutorials that will help you relax and improve your physical and mental health. Furthermore, you can either choose to live stream or go for the tutorials.

Yoga Download

This is one of the best sites for online yoga. You can stream yoga videos. On top of that, you can download the videos and watch them later when you are free. You can choose to purchase specific yoga classes though the prices vary. They mostly share their videos but also share videos produced by other top yoga instructors.

Dirty Yoga

Dirty Yoga is another top site that offers quality yoga classes. Most of their classes are 5-40 minutes in length. They have experts who make sure that yoga classes are updated on a weekly basis. Jess; the founder of the site and a former yoga director at Crunch Gyms is in charge of all the tutorials.


From above it is evident that there are many best sites for online yoga classes. Select a yoga site that suits your needs as well as budget, and you not be disappointed.

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